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Friendship, bereavement and expectations are the main themes of a captivating series called “One Day.” Adapted by Nicole Taylor from David Nicholls’ acclaimed book, this narrative is set in Britain and spans almost two decades (1988-2007), following Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall). The duo has moved on and off each other’s lives ever since their exciting evening of college graduation, forming a connection that will ultimately change. 

It is told thoughtfully through vignettes which track them every July 15th across time—a gut-wrenching 14-part drama. When the show opens, both Dexter and Emma start as strangers, sharing just a few words before turning away. Emetic was quick to notice that Dex had earned notoriety as a womanizer. Nevertheless, she remained under no illusions about his true feelings regarding her. Despite the fact that he was absolutely focus on her with piercing eyes which revealed nothing but toxic intentions towards her. But what makes Dex so intriguing (or maybe it is Woodall’s performance as him) is how much he surprises you at every turn.

In their late teens Em and Dex have different ideas for their future. Dex lacks ambition whereas his well-off background gives him unwavering self-assurance. It is also this conceit which allows him to exploit those who love him most dearly. Unlike Em who struggles not to drown when her dreams do not come true because they were too out-of-reach.

Those years can be depicted as somewhat frivolous while still being young people such as Em and Dex going through aimlessness according to One Day. Young adult life can be very difficult though at times it seems pretty simple compared to others’. A close family relative may die or move away from home for example; career decisions might end up being wrong or one could even experience intense passionate relationships barely lasting six months leaving one feeling as if the world is ending. Dex takes on a front office job and quickly learns both the pleasures and pitfalls of fame. However, while Em finds satisfaction working in education she never pursues her dreams of writing or falls in love with anyone. Jealousy and unrequited love strain a relationship they have fought to maintain throughout their twenties. 

But “One Day” is also bingeable and beautiful save for one crucial oversight. Dex spends plenty of quality time with his vibrant mother Alison (Essie Davis) and his quiet dad Stephen (Tim McInnerny). In addition, there is virtually no information about Em’s family, not even when it comes to seeing them around. Apparently, this was a conscious decision considering that Anne Hathaway portrayed her as a Caucasian woman in the 2011 film adaptation. But casting an Indian girl was something else entirely since the main character is white according to the novel. That is why it feels rather strange that no proper account of her ethnic heritage appears to be made anywhere within the story.

Despite that major omission though, “One Day” does succeed. Mod and Woodall share an enchanting chemistry that hovers between intimate friends and lovers almost like siblings do; you can see that too in their seamless performance here too. The program also does not judge its characters even when they are at their worst on screen ever. Youth loses some naiveté through age one day eventually arrives when young people stop believing things. Which they had believed all through their childhood years earlier on. Time shows us how even great people can commit heinous acts so let us not judge Dex, Em or those around them who made mistakes. Instead let us follow every step these people take because they don’t only affect themselves. But also everyone else involved in their lives across philosophy, actions and decisions too.

“Unlike the 2011 film starring Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, which felt both monotonous and abrupt, in Netflix’s “One Day”, the audience is made to linger with characters” (3). The author tells us that in the entire episodes are devoted to Em or Dex alone. For instance, episode 6 takes place in 1993 when Dex goes through his most tragic experiences episode. While episode 8 set in 1995 represents a significant milestone for Em (personally and professionally). Above all else, casting actors with genuine English accents helps to make them seem more authentic. When they spend time over 14 installments with them on Netflix’s “One Day”. 

Therefore, “One Day” (is) an ode to friendship; from such people who give meaning to our lives. Thus, even though it has romantic moments, this series does not claim itself as a tale of fairies. Instead, it shows how fortunate we should be by being alive and everything that entails – its magic and anxieties.

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