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Arthur the King story: Based on a true story, this film follows an adventure racing team captain who would do anything to win once more. Racing for sponsorship in the Dominican Republic’s grueling World Championship, he has an injured stray dog joining him and they both push themselves to their limits.

Arthur the King review: Michael Light (Mark Wahlberg) is given one last shot at winning and redemption. This is not easy as finding four people willing to sponsor and form up a crew is not easy when you have had your career washed out of you, and there was an earlier disasterous race. But he gets them; a participant athlete Leo (Simu Liu), Olivia (Nathalie Emmanuel), free climber and chik (Ali Sulaiman), whose knee isn’t so good. He also has with him during the race another competitor that comes in at fifth place—the wounded indie dog Arthur.

The director Simon Cellan Jones on his part tries to present this as man’s best friend kind of movie thus we can see how close the relationship between human beings and dogs can become. These are some of the points brought out by this story: Loyalty, friendship, sacrifice, survival etc. Besides it also presents various adventures including trekking through jungle paths or rocks riding bicycles clambering upon mountains running cables upon valleys (the sequence that will keep you biting your nails) night runs among others.

The cinematographer Jacques Jouffret capably captures every bit of those Dominican terrains— forests, mountains, rivers ,and valleys. Moreover even though it still maintains its authenticity throughout its entire adventurous race too looks very dynamic .His narrative from writers Michael Brandt and Mikael Lindnord encompasses all its elements friction within friendship as well as obstacles so hard choices have to be made by athletes who find themselves there. There is however some parts where the story gets a little bit melodramatic yet due to equal pacing the tale doesn’t get bogged down.

Mark Wahlberg as an unlucky captain wanting to turn around his fate put on a beautiful performance. Nathalie Emmanuel, Simu Liu, Ali Suliman too have that quality in them. This explains why each of them has got a reason and they are not all the same for entering this race and their exchange is very genuine. However, the real star of this film is Arthur. It’s an incredible story that will move you (about Michael Lindnord) and its fiction will make your heart weep.

The movie does not end with the race or whether the Broadrail team wins and goes beyond being an adventure sports drama. No matter if you are a lover of animals or a fan of extreme sports, ‘Arthur The King’ will excite you as well as make your heart melt. It may be emotional but it is also ecstatic feel at times especially when you think about how it happened in reality (Michael Lindnord) thus it can touch your inner feelings.

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