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Netflix’s rom-com Zero to Hero (2024) is a syrupy love story based on a ripe plot from one of Lizzie McGuire movies that are twenty years old. The straight-to-streaming movie was directed by Marcelo Antunez and scripted by Felipe Folgosi. It tells the story of an unsuccessful musician who has a chance of turning his life around and becoming a star, when he pretends to be someone else. 

This Brazilian film zeroes in on wannabe rockstar Hero who bears an uncanny resemblance with renowned country artist Sandro Sanderlei (played both times by Lucas Lucco). However, just like any other struggling musician, he refuses to find normal work as pride dictates that he must live off his talent including singing at school dances with Nelson, his best friend so as to get money for their daily needs. 

The hapless Sandro is an alcoholic who had had one too many on the eve of a minor surgical operation. On top of this, the alcohol combined with anesthesia dose leads him into permanent sleep just days before Sandro’s sold out tour across the country. 

During a routine prom gig Genival sees how much Hero looks like the country singer he manages—ironically Sandro himself! Being Sandro’s look-alike, Hero agrees to go on tour pretending to be the famous singer. In return for masquerading as him, Agnaldo promises him a contract for making records afterwards during which time he will play in some venues while using his name as being Sandros’. 

Now however our hero has to cut off those rock’n’roll locks of his and put on some skinny leather pants under Stetsons before joining up with country music sensations. During the tour, the main character falls in love with Sandro’s ex-girlfriend and producer named Lulli (Carla Díaz), and discovers something about friendship besides fame plus love. 

Zero to Hero is the kind of rom-com that by the end of its first five minutes you will most probably know what happens in the rest of the movie already. The main hero who has nothing to lose and everything to gain, falls in love with a girl that cannot stand him. We also observe a Disney-like villain, Jacques, a record exec whose evilness is so extreme that there is no need for an explanation. 

The picture does not bother itself with trying to explain anything much. At one point Nelson accuses Hero of being too Sandro Sanderlei and less like Hero himself in his actions while on stage as he performs as another artist. Nevertheless, it was only due to Nelson’s insistence about how it would be an offer that could not be rejected that he agreed to work as an impersonator for somebody else. It has been inserted only because there should be some emotionality within this scene even if it is just going through motions. 

Bear in mind however this film is worth streaming notwithstanding such flaws pointed out above. The movie shines whenever it adheres to typical romantic storylines without any intricacy complications.

This musical rom-com has some cool songs and enough charisma to make viewers overlook any deficiencies pertaining to logic of its plot. Two leading performers have outstanding chemistry between them and since they take part in romance genre fans will find themselves engrossed into watching this motion picture until all the credits are shown at each ending episode or scene clip attached; but dozens more clichés including two-dimensional supporting roles do exist within Zero to Hero which clearly qualifies as a straightforward romantic comedy that does not pretend too hard about itself though: If you want a safe bet that can go well with pizza during any midweek evening , then this film may fit your bill right away .

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