Mackenzie (Gina Rodriguez), a local sports writer in New York is invested in a play of a different kind. Along with her group of friends, they pitch in as each other’s wingman to land hook-ups. But when Mackenzie falls for someone with whom she wants more than just a hook-up, it’s time to level-up.

Review: Mack and her tight group of guy friends, Adam (Damon Wayans Jr), Brannagan (Augustus Pew) and his younger brother (Joel Courtney) spend most of their evenings drinking beer and playing pool, while also helping each other zero in and clinch their hook-up for the night. Mack is the leader of the pack and the group play by their rule-book with several strategies and code words in place. But when Mack has a one-night stand with Nick (Tom Ellis), a celebrated war correspondent, she decides she wants more. She reasons with her friends, she is 33-years-old and needs a mature relationship and some adulting at this stage of her life. Enter Ashley (Liza Koshy), as the female friend of Mack, to complete the group of ‘Players’. Their strategies now get more detailed, literally with powerpoint presentations, graphs and tables to map Nick’s activities and dating schedules. And while Adam is totally supportive of what Mack wants, he thinks she should do the ‘no play’ play and let Nick know her for who she really is.

‘Players’ is a quintessential rom-com, even though it packs in a few adult themes like casual flings and some raunchiness. One can whiff the course it will take right from the beginning, though director Trish Sie infuses it with a fun, carefree vibe which makes it a breezy watch. The narrative also weaves in a layer of self assertion and self belief to drive home what a mature relationship really entails. Gina Rodriguez as the central character pretty much carries the film on her shoulders with her vivacious, bold and at times vulnerable act. Tom Ellis and Damon Wayans Jr. also pitch in with their efficient performances.

Overall, ‘Players’ is a sweet and straight-forward rom-com, one that doesn’t spring any unforeseen surprises, perfect for a one-time watch.

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