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Story: Actress Elizabeth, a character in a popular television series, comes to Georgia to do a research for her upcoming gig in which she is supposed to play the protagonist who had been involved in a scandalous affair that once hit Gracie’s career. During her research into the film, she becomes overwhelmed with so many hidden feelings from her past.

Review: “May” and “December” signify age disparity among married couples. This drama tells an engaging story that probes into uncomfortable truths and perceptions that people have associated with it. It is characterized by outstanding performances from the actors who give viewers an intense look at complex human relationships. With his signature style, director Todd Haynes has transformed this motion picture film into one of his most thought-provoking examinations of character dynamics ever made. May December may not appeal all audiences because of its focus on characters’ analysis but it ultimately becomes an interesting piece after familiarizing oneself with the characters.

The plot revolves around Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), an actress who flies down to Georgia for her next movie where she needs to delve deeper into another character’s life; despite being fictional, Gracie (Julianne Moore) was under scrutiny by tabloids twenty years ago when she became romantically involved with Joe (Charles Merton), a scholar, younger than herself while they were working together. When given allowance to access Gracie’s life, Elizabeth realizes how long-lasting the scandal was since it unearthed about Gracie’s jail term plus their makeshift family. These visits bring back memories of what might have been but never happened as well as highlight quiet pain incurred through them.

“May December” is richly layered film sometimes confusing when you try to unravel its layers of meaning. Some scenes are slow and force you to ask about the direction taken by the film. However, there is captivating mystery and suspense surrounding Joe & Gracie’s lives which will make your mind to probe much deeper into their stories. It is a film that almost turns into an art house at the end because it contains so many subtexts. Sometimes, it may look self-indulgent and this puzzles audiences. Nevertheless, once you grasp the film’s nuances, it transforms into an interesting viewing experience.

Some of the notable cast performances in this drama include Charles Merton’s portrayal of Joe which simply steals his thunder. Merton gives such a performance combining stolen innocence with a sense of time gone by that truly touches people deep inside them. Elizabeth played by Natalie Portman is excellent in her nuanced characterization as we see her become Gracie gradually. Julianne Moore’s expressions are enough for us to pick up on what happened twenty years ago; she was amazing supporting other characters of this play.

That May December film leaves much to remember after credits roll down thus making an impression on viewers’ minds forever. It caters to niche markets and dares to dig beneath the surface uncovering its dark ugly side which many would rather not touch on inviting individuals to face hard truth.

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