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Making an impact in women’s basketball that is unbelievable while also proving that sports are not male-dominated to some fans of the game across America, Cait Clark has become a household name. Similarly, about 100 years ago, there was a replication of this pattern when a certain lady swimmer managed to cross the English Channel and proved that you do not need that extra chromosome. Slip into Daisy Ridley’s portrayal of her in the new movie Young Woman and the Sea.

This tale of hers through difficult times (to say the least) in a more sexist United States has now been brought to life on celluloid with Disney’s ball-buster film. A very traditional biopic which may make you cry and probably stand up from your seat as you leap for joy or pump your fist to the rhythm of Ederle’s inspired heart beats. These are some of examples of resolute wordings.

Back in 2013, late Chadwick Boseman was an ideal actor for another sporting icon Jackie Robinson in 42; Boseman had those eyes like leons ready to fight all odds just as required for any groundbreaking baseball player. And similarly, there is Daisy Ridley whose eyes were equally piercing during Star Wars latest trilogy where she played Rey Skywalker adored by everyone even though no one seemed shocked that she is here as Young Woman. So it shouldn’t be surprising that she is playing Trudy here right? In addition, she plays Ederle alongside some fantastic talent with a polished American accent (which was shown off again by her other film Sometimes I think about dying).

Young woman tested highest ever among his movies said Bruckheimer, who is considered iconic among producers by many people we interviewed recently. This means nothing new to us anyway. Moreover, screenplay by Jeff Nathanson adapted from Glen stout’s highly praised book about Ederle and directed by Joachim Rønning (Tron: Ares), plus stacked cast and inspiring story, is a pure entertainment from start to end. Its fast pace never let you go for toilet even at the tiniest flicker of anything you see. Just wait.

The first time she sensed Trudy’s presence was when she was still too sick to think about swimming. Later on, however, we have Ridley as the legend herself; swimming beside Brooklyn beach in spite of Henry (Kim Bodnia), her dad who never approves him of anything he does. Anyone who watches AMC’s winning Emmy show Killing Eve will find it so interesting seeing Bodnia playing a different role here since his stiff dad personae may only make you eye-roll with Henry’s wife Gertrud (brilliantly portrayed by Jeanette Hain). In this male dominated society, Gertrude would stop at nothing to get money needed for her daughters Trudy and Margaret (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) to dive into water and swim with men in it.

Not only she is Harriet, after that she eliminated the men who were once in the swimming association with her — James Sullivan (Glenn Fleshler) and coach Jabez Wolffe (Christopher Eccleston), who pretend to be her well-wishers but are not. Soon, she meets “good eggs” Ishak (the unsurpassable Alexander Karim, a fellow swimmer who has been attempting to swim across the English Channel alone,) and other swimmers’ veteran who had reached this feat before played by Stephen Graham.

That being said, Graham is best recognized for grimmer jobs such as The Irishman and Boardwalk Empire. But he has also tried his hand at kid-friendly works like Netflix’s Matilda play. At young woman PG-rated film he became a wildcard character concerned with Ederle’s seemingly impossible dream. That scene where Ederle finds herself surrounded by jellyfish will definitely remain etched in your memory because of its high emotional impact along with the valuable advice given by Graham.

In another knockout performance earlier in the film, Flabbergast standout Sian Clifford plays Lottie as Ederle’s first coach. In addition to a Brooklyn accent here, her giving such an undemonstrative yet encouraging trainer opposite Ridley would make any dreamer or budding athlete believe they can do it too. Besides that fact Ridley has already shown herself as Hollywood leading lady, but Star Wars actress did not become one of those actresses without any acting history behind them ever since 1977 A.D., okay? There may be one more Lucasfilm project featuring her; however, Young Woman and the Sea affirms that Ashley can pull off different weighty characters.

All day long we could keep talking about how Young Woman can inspire viewers to put their remotes down and go after what they want despite its conventional sentimentality. It won’t be surprising if classrooms screen this movie for many years to come. “Look, children! You can do it too if you put your heart and soul into something and never give up until you achieve the goal.”

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