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Fremont Movie Review: The story of Fremont is about Donya, an Afghan interpreter for the US government. This is a character enacted by Anaita Wali Zadar who is disturbed girl in her early twenties unable to sleep.

About Fremont

Fremont Movie Review: The movie, Fremont(presented at MAMI film festival), one word from its name has free encrypted in it. But Donya(Anaita Wali Zada) — a very seductive woman — is not that free though she lives in the land of freedom – USA after leaving her war-ravaged country Afghanistan.

Plot and Theme

Donya carries around with her like cabin luggage that never landed the guilt of survivor. What lies between this guilt and something close by way of atonement are some amazingly hushed moments in Fremont.

Director Babak Jalali pulls no punches in Donya’s life; there are no big surprises… She could be any lonely immigrant man or woman living alone miles away from his/her community (in the US or elsewhere) but does not know how to take a leap into the mainstream society. While going to work every day, Donya passes through a factory where they make fortune cookies; hence when she says that she works as “cookie writer”, it doesn’t mean she bakes chocolate chips cookies all day long waiting for Prince Charming to knock on her door. Every night before bed, you can see her blankly staring at the ceiling fan without having an idea of why she can’t sleep or possibly watch TV while eating dinner which consists of macaroni and cheese prepared by coworker whose station is next to hers daily repeated over months.

Fremont: Execution

Babak Jalali, an Iranian-British director (whose previous film Radio Dreams had similar semi-dreaminess) creates a mood of unnerving ennui. Boredom has never been so underappreciated. The sense of emptiness in Donya is strangely poised by the director. It looks like a frozen dream where everything happens and that’s why nothing occurs.

In order to add to the unbearable nihility feeling, the film is done (by Laura Valladao) in hypnotic black-and-white. Thus, Donya appears strikingly vivid because she lacks any color making her life dull.


Anaita Wali Zada is simply luscious in her ordinariness… She probably would not stand out if you came across her on the street; an occurrence which will be your loss after you watch this movie. I especially liked her semi-playful therapy sessions with her idiosyncratic shrink Anthony(Greg Turkinton). Donya does not know whether he helps her to get rid of his guilt and anxiety, although she enjoys these mildly flirtatious occasions just like one may enjoy talking to a roadside dhabawala while traveling on road.


Therefore, most of the film takes place indoors until Donya sets off in search of love driving in a car . The blind date is blindsided by fate. But then, who knows? Along comes the mythic tall, dark , etc stranger who chases after and shows interest in getting acquainted with her.

Donya can’t make up her mind about anything. Prince Charming’s charms are lost on her; too much life has happened already. Moreover she pens down what will happen to fortune-cookie eaters- – those people who ask about their futures – This signifies that she believes that destiny is all but illusory.

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