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Is it easier to establish a relationship with someone before you have any physical appearances? This is what is tackled in the recently released Netflix original ‘Love, Divided’. The movie is a remake of a French film Blind Date dating back to 2015 and follows the story of two neighbours who fall in love through heart-felt conversations rather than attraction. In a world where dating apps are often used as matchmakers, it’s an obstacle for Valentina and David. If you intend to watch this, then here’s everything that there is to know about ‘Love, Divided.’


Having got her own apartment and willing to start an independent life without shadows of her ex-boyfriend Aitana as Valentina (Aitana) the pianist moves into her new place. However, on the first night she heard some strange terrifying sounds from next door room. Initially scared, she later realized that David (Fernando Guallar), her neighbor was intentionally making those noises so that he could scare her out of his house and make her leave. I should note that David resides in another area but shares one wall with Valentina’s flat. He does this because quietness is needed for making toys and playing games only in complete silence. Any noise comes from inside the wall as a disturbance. After learning this fact, these two began competing with each other emptying their apartments by resorting to weird ways of annoying each other while passing the time leading them to find a middle ground between themselves.Although they live together they hardly see each other except through walls.


‘Love, Divided’ serves as Aitana Ocaña’s highly anticipated film debut where the Spanish musician appears as Valentina (Aitana). She has really got that girl-next-door look which suits perfectly such kind of rom-coms at times though her character seemed to be over acted especially in portraying innocence that may appear out of place and old-fashioned in these modern times. Regardless, you can’t help but love her; especially with the bangs!

Conversely, Fernando Guallar gives life to David who is a character that resembles one who does not enjoy the company of others and will remain indoors for up to three years. The way the actor portrays a man who is all over his emotions is extraordinary. He represents this guy as sweet-natured nerd.

Despite interacting mostly through a wall, Aitana and Fernando do have some undeniable chemistry. Their charm and adorable looks emanate from their efforts towards navigating an unconventional situation following familiar enemies-to-lovers patterns. Their altercations which are also engaging sound real whilst the quick build-up of trust and fondness between two people seems too good too true.

Script, Direction & Technical Aspects

The first half of the film was so captivating, immersing me in the characters’ lives, quirks, and aspirations that I became one of them. However, as the story unfolded, I found myself slowly losing interest in it. The plot itself may seem sweet superficially yet there was just something irrevocably missing. The premise was thin like the walls of their flats but not off-putting. There is also some humor that will make you smile. One thing that stands out is how well drawn the characters are which Marta Sánchez does credit to. Being great together too however since they hardly share screen time together these must be considered individual character arcs if a bit more emphasis on this aspect would have been welcome for me at least.Also, it is the supporting cast’s dialogues that leave a significant impact because they had only small impacts.

Fan favorite genre rom-coms but a commoner of a job did Patricia Font come up with here. Let language really not stop you; I think this movie makes for an exciting fun watch all about.The movie relies on familiar tropes and predictable plot beats but it succeeds in delivering its intended purpose as light entertainment.

What really made this whole movie amazing was its camera work. There is attention to detail and clever use of different camera angles. In both cases, these were shot from high angles which showed clearly both characters’ apartments; those were my favourite scenes in the film actually.I also liked how steadily paced it was throughout.The story isn’t long enough to drag; rather it’s an easy-going watch with no moments when you can skip anything at all.

If one of the main actors is a pianist then we should expect some musical compositions now shouldnt we? With Aitana’s voice accompanying her piano playing being caught up by brownie points to Beethoven rendition.Oh yeah, other than that these background songs are typical rom com stuff whimsical or mysterious kind of tunes.

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