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Story: When Camila Mendes, as Ana, an art auction assistant who leads a very boring life. Her life gets glamorous when she is “upgraded” on her flight to London. Talking with an unknown guy, she allows herself to be mistaken for the director of the auction house and acts accordingly. However, how long can she keep up the pretense of lies before everything falls apart?

Review: Having been penniless art history student burdened by credit card debt and overstaying her welcome at her sister’s apartment in New York City, Ana is grateful for a chance at Erwings Auction House internship after all this while. That too is a job that she cannot afford to lose unless she wants to go back pack to Florida. Yet getting through to her boss –Claire (Marisa Tomei),The director of the auction house in New York– seems nearly impossible because of her exacting tastes in everything. And once Ana does manage this ,she is hired as Claire’s 3rd assistant and has to accompany her on a trip to London.

However much Ana may be excited about this opportunity; she also has to contend with Claire’s first picky but terrible assistants Suzette (Rachel Matthews) and Renee (Fola Evans Akingbola). Meanwhile Suzette and Renee do whatever it takes trying unsuccessfully botch up Ana’s travel plans for London though luckily for them (a twist of fate),she ends up going first class on the airplane. As luck would have it they bump into each other—literally—William( Archie Renaux) ,a rich Briton whom ends up having a chat as they might just like each other .The only problem being that not only does Ana lie about what position she works but also where fanciful hotel room he claims resides in. The lies continue when William introduces his mom Catherine(Lena Olin). Catherine instantly likes her pretending that they are having a party at her house and offers to have her come too. It is at that point when Ana’s entire world opens up to her.

In preparation for an important auction, Claire piles up work on top of work for Ana from Suzette and Renee. Consequently, as she tries to juggle between the two worlds with William in it, it is only a matter of time before everything catches up with them.

‘Upgraded’, as a romantic comedy, does not bring anything new. Casting Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux was fine. but their chemistry did not spark off well leading to unconvincing onscreen romance. Besides being Prada-esque in nature, this film is also similar to other movies where the main character interacts with their boss. Nevertheless, Tomei acts like Claire who is exacting and proud in a way that gives life to her character. However , although it may sound unrealistic sometimes, Anastasia’s role as an ambitious woman who wants more out of life than just making lemonade each time she gets lemons is kind of refreshing .The story then goes on trying so hard to convince us that Ava did not choose every bit of the pretence she played after pretending the first time. The twists in this narrative are so predictable due to all highs and lows throughout Ana’s journey . In general ‘Upgraded’ ,is an okay watch if you want something familiar because there are too many films like this out there.

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