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In serial killing particularly in movies, this is the case. Their act would be half enthused if nobody followed them and finally made heroes out of them. Sometimes even though revenge was the motive for these serial killer’s acts, they leave behind such clues making the investigator to try and make sense out of it. So we are exploring Abraham Ozler Movie here.

The serial killer in Midhun Manuel Thomas’ Abraham Ozler is no different, though he leaves something else apart from the bible quotes that have been used over and over again in other films. It is one of many such boxes ticked by Abraham Ozler- written by Randheer Krishnan, a movie with Jayaram playing a moody police officer whose wife and child vanished few years earlier. In an early scene, the insomniac Ozler has vivid hallucinations before being completely forgotten about and left to pursue his case.

The investigation starts with a murder of an IT employee inside a hospital. A few more murders happen alike. The same killer will strike again if you go by the signs left on site while Ozler’s team keeps searching for some common factor amongst victims’ characters.

There are certainly interesting things in the script but everything unfolds very tamely on screen. These too lose their momentum halfway through as it becomes apparent that probably more than half of this puzzle has already been resolved.

Then comes another long boring flashback story telling us what happened before we came here which only annoys us all throughout. Mammootty does bring some life into this film during his extended cameo presence; however, this still fails to salvage it because by then it had hit rock bottom without any chance for redemption.

Some scenes appear awkward while dialogs were poorly written unlike Anjaam Pathiraa which was also directed by Thomas and dealt with a similar storyline involving a serial killer. Like that film, Abraham Ozler is also a medical thriller featuring doctors talking extensively about various topics. Some of these discoveries do not sound as groundbreaking as the author makes them out to be.

The lead character’s pointless challenges become a mere garnish in the final section of the book and are only dwelt upon in details at its ending, which leaves room for a sequel. However, it is doubtful if there can be enough material for another Abraham Ozler type film where this one just manages to cross the finish line. The serial killer template requires serious updating.

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