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Story: Sgt. Kinney gets recruited into a Delta Force mission to extract a CIA asset being held by Islamic terrorists, which ultimately fails leading to Captain Grimm, the drone pilot, having to provide essential remote air support.

Review: ‘The Land of Bad’ is mixed fare. It has intense moments that keep watchers at the edge of their seats but poorly done pacing. The setting takes too long to develop and risks viewer disinterest; however, it becomes interesting after this point. While the role of Sergeant Kinney is delivered excellently by Liam Hemsworth, Russell Crowe brings out his best performance yet in a humorous role that may hint that the Gladiator star appreciates his own acting ability more than ever before.

Sergeant Kinney (Liam Hemsworth) is thrust into an eleventh hour assignment as part of a Delta Force extraction team in “Land of Bad”. Their target is a CIA asset being detained by Islamic militants. Along with Sugar, Abel and Bishop, Kinney heads on for the rescue mission only to be left behind when things go south. In the end he must fend for himself until help comes from an unexpected source – drone operator Eddie Grimm (Russell Crowe), who actually sits in his chair somewhere in Las Vegas Air Force Base. Trusting Grimm with saving his life, Kinney fights on until he discovers he can rely on him indeed.

This film’s most compelling aspect is how it avoids delving into psyches of soldiers and aftermaths of their missions for a clinical narrative instead’. Life or death human instinct would be the dominant factor according to this movie. By using lush green jungle settings this film manages to built up suspense very well thus making it more enjoyable for audience members’. The action scenes are primitive adding up to more public appeal. However, at its core ‘Land of Bad’, reveals something deeper within that comes through between Hemsworth and Crowe’s characters which initially begins as a necessity and gradually evolves over time.

Liam Hemsworth commits himself in the role and gives an extraordinary performance. However, it is Russell Crowe who steals the show at last. When he portrayed Captain Eddie Grimm, he attracted attention without even trying, even though most of the film was shot in one place. In this genre “Land of Bad” may not be groundbreaking but it is undeniably fun. The audience’s eyes are glued to the screen from start to finish irrespective of its lack of originality because it has great characters and plot that have tension between them.

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