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A seemingly modest and indigent scholar who is cast into the life of a charming classmate. Saltburn plays out through crude psychological manipulation, an orgy of decadence, and cruel elimination of the elite in a grand English house. Human fluids occupy the central position as writer/director Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman) takes pleasure in examining a twisted pansexual sociopath’s demented plot. She basically remakes Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley into TikTok generation with glamourous style rather than substance. Attempts to shock, to repulse or to excite end up in triviality. There are no surprises in this film; its intentions are clear.

In 2006 bookworm Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan), sporting glasses, comes to Oxford University for studies. A bunch of merciless students immediately laughs off at his attire. On his very first day at school Oliver becomes a stranger, being made sit next to an irritating maths’ dork (Will Gibson). During supper Oliver secretly observes Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi) from afar. Girls swarmed around him like bees hoping for their five minutes of fame! Felix stood out among other fellows due to his height, hot cut body and model appearance which were added by his actual handsome status enhanced by wealth that knows no bounds.

Oliver learns about Felix’s upbringing from some lessons conducted by his cousin. Farleigh Start (Archie Madekwe), who is biracial, taunts Oliver as a worthless proletarian. He chuckles along with the popular kids as hapless Oliver looks on from a distance. On their way for exams Felix gets a puncture tire and can’t continue alone without repairing it first time . In return though Felix has offered him several rides back home before then he will also give back Olivia’s motor bike while returning back at dormitory . This single act puts Oliver on the Felix’s watch. He himself is an easy touch who can’t resist a sob story.

Oliver despondently recounts to Felix about his drug addicted parents and poor background. An Oxford scholarship was the realization of his dreams. Instead of going back home which was in ruins for the festive season, Oliver decides to stay in school. His care at Christmas won’t let him leave a lonely friend behind. The joyful Oliver gasps when he sees the lavish Saltburn. This luxurious mansion located in the English countryside takes his breath away. Elsbeth (Rosamund Pike), Sir James (Richard E. Grant), along with his alluring younger sister Venetia (Alison Oliver) are Felix’s eccentric parents whom he introduces to him first thing on arrival as well as other people such as Alison who is their adopted new pet and also known by some of them including Farleigh who are angry with Oliver because they think that he has sneaked into high society.

Saltburn through Oliver’s eyes is described here . Everything that relates to wealth of Cattons makes him be amazed by everything in it . A host of servants are there to wait upon their every whim and fancy . A delightful breakfast buffet where eggs were prepared on order while stories flowed thick and fast about fellow rich kids’ affairs by those present consisted mostly women who turned out to be gossips . Family drinks champagne flutes full constantly even when taking sun bathes . After wearing rented tuxedo Oliver competes drunkards tennis while wearing fancy clothes . It becomes adult playground late evenings drifting towards debauched nightmares one after another so this spirit must have been interrupted somehow or somewhere but where?

Oliver’s keyhole spying on Felix’s love for tubs excites his deeply hidden emotions. Every Catton is a desiring object for him to explore. Oliver turns into a wolf in sheep’s clothing and hanky-panky ensues as the toy starts playing with the children. He pulls pleasure like candy through a string. And this remarkable change does not pass Farleigh by noticing that Oliver had grossly miscalculated him and came to understand that there was now a genuine rival for the Catton’s goodwill.

Fennell exploits childish jealousy, envy and impulsive wants as manipulative tools. The desperate Oliver wants to belong with the cool kids. This entire transformation from being an outcast to becoming one of them alludes at his desire just be able to sit at their table, be Felix’s homie and bask in his studly hotness. He frames himself looking up lustily as he is towered over by taller Felix in scenes that is more than simple sexual tension but clawing need. However, this sexual frenzy disperses across whoever Oliver looks at next. Spoilt brat Venetia instantly falls under his spell even without realizing it herself since she gets whatever she wants while still remaining unaware of her first taste of teasing. That wicked game too easily traps anyone who is fickle.

Saltburn’s hamartia remains obvious throughout the first act of the play. Present day scenes where older Oliver reflects back about past events show that he was more complex than he described himself when he was young How can we trust what he says? There are no other sources to validate or refute such statements made by him so you cannot do it either as well since there is nothing else attesting or disproving what has been said regarding those events An unreliable narrator holding the steering wheels of its plot prompts its audience from page one not to take anything that happens within it as factual Fennel uses the main characters as a portrayal of naivety, stupidity and foolishness The rich ass clowns are acting like there’s no venomous snake in the mix. Their ignorance or Oliver’s meekness is hard to swallow.

Saltburn’s dirty acts, nudity for nothing and costume parties are like icing on an empty cake. Keoghan provided real dialogue and performance. They all look good, act stupidly and get what they deserve

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