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Story: A contract killer is suffering from a fast-developing case of Alzheimer’s disease. When his son begs for assistance, will the assassin save him and redeem himself?

Review: The film starts off with a person’s hands snatching a wallet, keys, etcetera off a table but then coming back to pick up the watch (wristwatch) in an instant and you think how can one forget an object right before their eyes. It’s that subtle distinction you notice shortly after as John Knox (Michael Keaton) discovers he has Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease — rapidly progressing dementia that grants him lucidity only for weeks. This story takes place over seven weeks. During this time, Knox tries to cash out of his job as a hitman and must save his estranged son, Miles Knox (James Marsden, from a crisis when he comes knocking at his door for help.

Michael Keaton here directs self in this crime drama where he excels on both positions – directing the movie as well as acting as a main character. His performance is contained while he absorbs the news of his diagnosis or slips into nothingness once in awhile which have far reaching effects on his profession.

The plot lacks the usual suspense that people expect from crime dramas. Still, you will be glued by the story plus Keaton’s exceptional enactment throughout. As the plot thickens and Knox’s condition worsens there are moments when we might feel that Knox is slipping away from reality or control over these events however twists surprise us. This is where Gregory Poirier wrote it well and Keaton managed it well too.

There is another veteran actor in this movie called Al Pacino who plays Xavier, who is a criminal. This immersive narrative offers glimpses into Knox’s early life revealing details like family relations and army experiences. At the same time it deviates from being just another criminal-gets-redemption-by-uniting-with-his-son-after-all-he-has-done narrative. The story remains true to its main argument all along.

Moreover, Michael Keaton and Al Pacino were also joined by Suzy Nakamura as Detective Emily Ikari, James Marsden as Miles Knox, Marcia Gay Harden as Knox’s ex-wife, and Joanna Kulig playing his Polish escort: they delivered powerful performances.

There are faults in the narrative. What happens to Knox after a certain point of view will not persuade you. However, this should not undermine the power of the story itself. Don’t be fooled by the slow burn. It is a character-based film fueled by Michael Keaton’s genius called Knox Goes Away.

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