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Story: Next Goal Wins is the captivating tale of a football coach named Thomas Rongen who agrees to head an American Samoa soccer team known as the world’s weakest football team.

Review: Next Goal Wins is a charming film about the national soccer team of American Samoa, once considered the worst squad on earth. With Waititi’s distinct style imprinted all over it, his film is filled with offbeat characters whose journey provokes laughter and tenderness. These individuals have little knowledge about football but they stay focused on their goals in life. The underdog story line may not be new, but there are some unusual figures that make it different from others and still enjoyable.

Set amidst the crossroads of Dutch-American football coach Thomas Rongen’s (Michael Fassbender) career, ‘Next Goal Wins’ tells his fateful choice; resign or take up coaching the worst Soccer team in America. Immediately after landing at Pago Pago International Airport Rongen becomes famous when he is interviewed by a camera man who also happens to be the president of local Football Association. Rongen has to negotiate with these peculiar players part time for him to change things for better to save American Samoan Soccer Team.

‘Next Goal Wins’ is an arresting cinematic voyage underpinning human spirit with invincible determination that changes normal people into icons inspiring the whole country. It takes a little while for the beginning of this film to hit its stride but once it does, it is one hell of a ride. Right from its start, this drama establishes itself as being lighthearted signaling out its intention to entertain through effective storytelling as well. This movie meets all criteria required for an entertaining experience and remains joyful long after credits roll down.

Michael Fassbender flawlessly steps into Coach Thomas Rongen’s shoes playing a fed-up guy with sincerity towards everyone around him. Even though comedy isn’t Fassbender’s strong suit, he does a good job giving depth to the character of Rongen. Nevertheless, it is the whole ensemble cast that makes this film stand out. The funny side of these characters full of idiosyncrasies will immediately grab your attention. Kaimana delivers an outstanding performance as Jaiyah, the transgender player and Oscar Kightley adds more humor in his role with a straight face. Elisabeth Moss plays Rongen’s ex-wife in few scenes where she plays her part effectively.

Whereas ‘Next Goal Wins’ contains an interesting true story, its script is sometimes wanting leading to some loose ends within it. However, the comic elements of this movie totally compensate for such drawbacks as they inject life into the film thereby keeping viewer alert throughout its duration. Even though it may not be perfect in all respects, this comedy-drama cannot be considered great but it offers entertaining stuff which makes it nice for those who are looking for light-hearted uplifting entertainment.

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