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Cassie (Dakota Johnson) is a story of the powerful enemy who Cassandra Webb aka Cassie will save three young girls. It also happens that in the process she gets to find the reasons for her unexplained superpower and at the same time reconnects with her dreaded past. So we are talking about Madame Web Movie

Review: In this case, Cassie is a lifesaver. Nonetheless, she grew up in an orphanage and does not know what it means to have a happy family. She thinks that her dead mother was too adventurous even when she was expecting Cassie and went off to Peru Amazon in search for healing power of magic spider venom. At some point in life, Cassie has a near death experience which altered everything about her existence. The new ability came as seeing immediacy future ones. Also like any other superhero around here, Cassie’s powers are pretty much utilized for good purposes too; however, it looks like she is still getting used to it when all of sudden finds herself in dangerous mission of rescuing three girls from some tough-to-beat agent aimed at killing them.

It simply narrates how Dakota Johnson entered Sony’s Spider-Man Universe as Marvel’s “Madame Webb.”. This intent is achieved by Director S.J.Clarkson via making sure that minimal complexity is evident through the story told by Kerem Sanga, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless who wrote it and this is not bad either though they remain simple. However, this superhero suspense thriller fails to rise above itself ever. It serves more like an introduction on Madame Webb’s superpowers since most times are spent on her being totally confused with whatever is going on with her body. Even then, no matter how lost she may be while trying to understand what just happened there never was any moment when Cassandra knows the full extent of its god-like capabilities within it because such scenes cannot be found inside their film after all those superhero movies we have watched. It instead means that we will have a bit of suspense to hang on to together with some hide-and-seek sequences as well as the gradual development of action up to the climax. The choreography is neither terrible nor great, it’s just there, falling into one cliché after another. There are so many instances where Pepsi Cola advertisements dwells in the most important scene in the climax.

Dakota Johnson performs well as the ignorant superwoman, however, the script is too indolent to milk much from her. But then again, this sparkling blue-eyed brunette can be supported easily. A variety of stereotypes are depicted by Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor and Isabela Merced who portray three future superwomen Julia Cornwall, Mattie Franklin and Anya Corazon. The difference here is that the black girl is for once a rich spoiled brat while the two white girls are less privileged. They appear like mere humorous cartoon figures when they put on their superhero costumes instead of looking like their usual selves. Tahar Rahim in his greedy and power-hungry Ezekiel Sims role has no backstory to account for his past or clarify what he actually does in life.
All we know is that he is a filthy rich paranoid prick but stupid enough to think that installing a multiple screen surveillance system in his fancy house with just one lady constantly snooping around 24/7 will make everything alright for him. There was an attempt to bring some sense of family into the story with Cassie’s coworker O’Neil (Mike Epps) and pregnant sister-in-law Mary Parker (Emma Roberts) but it was half-hearted.

In summary Madame web lacks impact on the superhero genre, instead, it serves as a tepid introduction rather than an exciting extension to an already overpopulated sub-genre universe.

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