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The Tearsmith, directed by Alessandro Genovesi and dropped recently by Netflix, is an Italian romance movie that lacked originality despite its intriguing plot. The Tearsmith had some impressive castings, sure it could have transcended into something meaningful and beautiful but unfortunately did not have direction.

The Tearsmith’s introduction will definitely raise your expectations that get dashed a sudden. In fact, you might click on the 1.5x speed icon on Netflix to hurry through the story.

While we found more negatives than positives in it, there is certainly an audience out there somewhere who can turn The Tearsmith into a cult classic. Anyway here is our take on Netflix’s latest Italian movie.

In essence, The Tearsmith was about two children who were adopted from an orphanage into a loving family; however the orphanage turned out to be one hell of a torture chamber for all those kids leaving behind fearful memories.

But even after being adopted Nica and Rigel are barely making it in their new home together. There is also some undeniable chemistry between them which has been made evident as the main plot line.

This chemistry between Nica and Rigel shows up in the film more sensually than expected while at the same time scenes between these characters would be too jarring and distract one from what actually wasn’t such a bad story although quite slow-paced.

However instead of taking several different avenues that could indeed be pursued with this story, The Tearsmith chose one of many simple ways as well lost track of itself at some points during the movie itself.

Even though much focus was given on Nica and Rigel in The Tearsmith other characters were gradually introduced throughout the movie some of whom were interesting nonetheless their character arc and stories simply had no ending which was nothing. But empty words when it comes to comparing them with The Tearsmith especially about nothingness that supervised its execution of an otherwise fascinating story.

There were also some flashbacks that showed the torture and gave more depth to story. A lot of these opinions may seem contradictory, however, that is really what is needed when talking about The Tearsmith. It was not a good movie but also not bad enough.


The Tearsmith isn’t for everyone, nor for us, nevertheless it’s clearly aimed at young adults who want to watch an easy emotional romance between two star crossed lovers. So if you are part of this audience, then The Tearsmith should be in your Netflix queue otherwise we suggest giving it a miss!

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