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Still Up, the new insomniac comedy on Apple TV+ does not make you feel bored at all. The British series is very refreshing. Do you remember how Ted Lasso grew on you and Shrinking creeped into your heart with its touching and sometimes off-beat storylines? It’s just like that with Still Up and, hopefully, this one should get some attention in awards season too.

This nice story revolves around two insomniacs who are always there for each other through phone or screen when they have trouble sleeping. Almost every night. They talk until dawn and even if their relationship remains platonic, it is clear that something has developed between them since these nocturnal escapades began many years ago. Alongside their personal problems and odd predicaments funny things happen to them.

Antonia Thomas (The Good Doctor) and Craig Roberts (Red Oaks) can be thanked for that. They both acted as Lisa and Danny respectively which was a treasure trove of talent from these performers. In fact, the characters couldn’t be any more different from each other yet they still share a bond of friendship. Lisa happens to be a mother in a stable relationship while Danny hides himself behind his grief most times inside his own apartment building.During 2021, Apple TV+’s been hot again with Shrinking as well as Platonic,Silo,Hijack so this adds another feather in cap.It should be also noted that Still Up is one of the top comedy shows of the year because…

Still Up will cut across due to its superb plot, writing, acting- everything about it demands recognition.” Steve Burge, co-creator of this show is not new to hilarity having recently done The Amelia Gething Complex about pranks by social media stars; Natalie Walter’s maiden hand at production comes after her work on I May Destroy You as an actor/actress.” Thus the showrunners of this program, who bring real life experiences to it have a firm grasp on what they want to communicate as well as the tone they want to use and that distinguishes their production from many other buddy comedies out there.

You might find Lisa and Danny familiar. They are parts of us, just like anyone else, showing an amusing side about ourselves and why we do certain things or don’t even despite the fact that we probably should. This is very human stuff; it’s done in such a fabulous way.

But perhaps the best thing about Still Up is that Lisa and Danny actually talk to each other. Thank God. Its dialogue is always new, intelligent, deliberate sometimes true-to-life – how can you not appreciate this series for that? It discards regular sitcoms; perhaps too far-fetched but also indicative of the successfulness of Still Up.

The series opener takes place in a pharmacy where Lisa visits at night, hoping that she can quickly pick up something for herself. She is communicating with friend Danny on Facetime. He’s hiding from his neighbor in his apartment. Apparently the guy once told Danny that he was going to sabbatical only for him to be able to skip the birthday party of somebody who had named his cat after 17 years of her life. But there’s more than that in Danny’s story and maybe even Lisa’s also is equally traumatic. And then show-runners frequently use flashbacks during their series, taking us back into some moments in their lives as context to what they are passing through today. Such work makes moves fast and fun—something that keeps expanding itself and turns into growth each week all through this.

It is easy enough to run on about how great this television program is but individual plot points should be experienced, savored, and enjoyed alone. The rest of them are cool too though if you must insist. Blake Harrison does well as Veggie who is Lisa’s boyfriend. They both love one another but it seems like Danny actually satisfies her emotional needs or perhaps it’s the other way around since they love each other otherwise it would be impossible for them not being together always.
Rich Fulcher playfully portrays “Cat Man,” Danny’s neighbor while Luke Fetherston portrays Adam-another neighbor of Danny’s’. It would be great if there were more scenes involving this kid if there is a season two (Fingers crossed). Other characters filter in such as bewildered pizza delivery guy and angry cab driver into the mix along with some shady folks roaming the street downing alcohol consumption till early morning hours—Lisa’s crew! This whole thing has been brought beautifully to life.

And being awake deep in the night when everyone else slumbers; there is something special about it all. Explore a vast universe: here we have a lot of it. The showrunners are hoping to catch the feeling that something can absolutely be possible in these late-night outposts and as we continue with each episode, Danny and Lisa are moving through life moments which they have to share with one another or catch up on from each other. Both of them clearly like one another much more deeply than they’d ever admit to or even realize about themselves.

The way show-runners put their characters through their own uncertainties is actually a brilliant effort at storytelling. It’s an excellent British series. There is so much to admire about Still Up. You will want to stay up late and have some good times with these two groovy people.

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