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But after an almost deadly accident, Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney) got closer to God, and her church’s sudden closure made her move from home to a convent in Italy. Father Sal Tedeschi (Álvaro Morte) on the other hand holds Cecilia in high regard as one who can appease the unappeasable.

Immaculate is one of those horror-thrillers that believe their simpleton content is genius. For instance, Sydney Sweeney’s essential cuteness and Álvaro ‘The Professor’ Morte’s solidity are not enough to scare us out of our wits. Is this god immaculate?

Review Of Immaculate

Definitely Cecelia looks irresistible to the elderly nuns at her new monastery, thanks to her big blue eyes and innocence. So when Cecilia turns up, we know who the Devil—and dying nuns—are really after from the opening shot which is nothing more than a clichéd attempt at creating the right atmosphere for this horror-thriller with red faced nuns in jet-black wimples and habits chasing down a runaway sister and breaking all of her bones.

Immaculate directed by Michael Mohan is an overambitious film with viral social media approved starcast that lacks sense of humor necessary for self-criticism. The first scene constitutes black clad old women who tower above everyone else around them, keeping young ones in check while eliminating those who deviate from their code of conduct. When it comes to matters paranormal, these supernatural women seem at strategic points such as unleashing God’s fury on mere mortals but where they came from or go during movie was never explained.

Gore seems to be employed only as quick jolts—the film is full of gruesome images; one moment particularly hard-to-digest– but there isn’t much more meaning or context tied into these moments so as to make them relevant in the wider storyline. It’s more like a montage of a great film about how religion is complex than it is an actual film.

Sydney Sweeney gives her all for Immaculate as its leading actress and co-producer. Everything that makes up a good horror flick female protagonist, such as fear, screams, and curiosity, are ticked by this young actress. But at present she has nothing much else to do except direct what comes off as a rather short film script or spend time with some one who reminds us of the professor from Netflix television series.

Sydney Sweeney unglammed herself precisely for the part that needed it. However, Álvaro Morte seems to have had a casual day with Satan – if there can be such a thing: simple but effective.

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