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One thing is for sure; Anne Hathaway, who is playing one of those blonde, mysterious bombshells characteristic of the Hitchcockian hemisphere in the 1960s, did a great job and so did the film maker. It still falls short of achieving greatness as envisaged. But you can’t blame it completely because it has all the ingredients of making a film less ordinary than just another crime thriller that aspires.What else makes this movie different from others?

Eileen: The Plot and Performance

The name mentioned above does not correspond to Hathaway, an exceptional actress with both looks and skills. In this role, Thomasin McKenzie (who had earlier proved her prowess in The Justice Of Bunny King and The Power Of The Dog) fits perfectly as a young sexually troubled emotionally girl working at prison like secretary (apparently obvious metaphor), she fantasizes about fucking prison guard and lives with alcoholism abusive dad (Shea Wigham). However, Rebecca’s life is depicted in scenes smelling decay.

The moment she meets her new boss at the prison, there arises an immediate chemistry accompanied by consistent mystery between Eileen and her new superior. Who is this beautiful woman that everybody wants to befriend? So confident and stunningly beautiful at once that Rebecca lightens up Eileen’s dull existence. Eilen begins taking care of herself: just a little more lipstick than usual, a hurried checking on herself through mirror so as to see if everything is fine thus jutting out her bust.

William Oldroyd also knows how to deal with physical details such as flicking few drops off blood onto white linen or shoving mud into somebody’s mouth before kissing them passionately. This was meant for two actresses only yet they end up complementing each other so well within no time at all.A final word

I didn’t really enjoy the crime part either because it seemed totally made-up. She isn’t strong enough in spite of being so manipulative. It’s interesting to see how such a script can avoid judging the main character and her hero worshiping protégée.

The fun part of watching two completely opposed women joining forces in an unplanned yet overly self-aware revenge is that sometimes they may go through a cryptic script turning into some vapid one. May be the second half of this film was disappointing. This does not apply to Hathaway though, she is worth it. Just Hathaway is enough reason to watch this watered down erotic crime drama with a touch of intrigue.

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