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With Woody Allen’s latest film named Coup De Chance, which is a French word for something like lucky break if you needed to know, the über-prolific director hits a snag and produces a rather passionless tale of forbidden love. Time will tell whether he has anything new to offer or not.

About Coup De Chance

There are no words that can describe the greatness of Woody Allen who happens to be one of my favorite directors ever. Even after being banned from working in some countries or with certain actors due to the MeToo allegations, he still remains prolific.

Woody doesn’t care about this at all. His recent movies have no signs of overwork. Both his last two films A Rainy Day In New York and Rifkin’s Festival were intriguing. They were sensuous and surreal, sentimental yet sarcastic; short— all traits that make an Allen movie what it is.

Personally, I am not so thrilled about his latest project that was filed by him in Paris with actors speaking French language; and in case you are familiar with Woody’s universe then you know his characters never stop talking. So I think this time there will be more reading than watching.

In Coup De Chance Woody Allen comes back to the topic of adultery from Matchpoint, one of Woody’s movies released back in 2005 but tells it much differently this time around i.e. more formalized and less adventurous when it comes to aspects concerning taboo love affair.

We could call them Woody-redux or even better Woody-reduced films. None of those characters was as delightful as they are usually in these types of films,” One might argue that he had limited options available for himself since most other actors refused to work with him.” The climax point seems so baseless and tepid – do we need another reason why Mr. Allen should hang up his boots? Yes indeed, summing up all the positive points of this movie would be extremely difficult because there were only a few remarkable instances of narration.

Fanny (Lou de Laâge) is an affluent bored ‘trophy wife’ with a rapacious husband, who is basically a self-involved jerk Jean (Melvil Poupaud). It’s like she doesn’t want to go out but he forces her. It happens one morning on the busy streets of Paris when Fanny bumps into Alain Aubert (Niels Schneider). The rest is chemistry although I hardly saw any between them.

The mood for a film about forbidden love is surprisingly unpassionate. The three main characters played their Pati Patni Aur Woe, with little wow and plenty of ouch. Jean’s dealings with his interfering mother-in-law Camille (Valérie Lemercier) are an example of what not to do while trying to make keeping thriller suspense alive in domestic problems text book. Even more absurd is how easily Fanny accepts Alain’s disappearance as a betrayal and desertion and how willingly she returns to being the ‘trophy wife.’

All this shows that Coup De Chance (Stroke Of Luck) has been directed by someone who just wants it over now. Paris says come inside, the movie says no way.

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