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This piece of writing is about Priscilla. It introduces a different perspective into the life of Priscilla Presley, who despite being married to one of the most iconic husband and wife couples in history, was still lonely. In this film directed by Sophia Coppola, Cailee Spaeny plays Priscilla while Jacob Elordi embodies Elvis.

Priscilla: Plot

The story begins with her childhood, showing how forlorn she was before meeting Elvis. This then leads to their relationship and includes their early romance, wedding on the fly and finally the marriage falling apart. The movie does well in its portrayal of Priscilla’s loneliness not only before marrying Elvis but also afterwards. This movie hinges on a central theme of deep isolation that depicts how true and famous love stories were never a panacea for dealing with Priscilla’s inmost sorrows.


Set against the background of the 60s and 70s, Priscilla embodies an era defined by cultural shifts as well as societal norms. An accurate reflection of fame is given through romanticizing it without falling into its pitfall. Mixed emotions characterize Priscilla’s narrative excellently; making it delicately balanced between magic spells and despair.


The first half of “Priscilla” starts off interestingly enough, indicating an intent to delve deep into her life story. It draws a vivid picture of lonely girl who became Elvis’ lady friend whose transformation from her state came out clearly at this stage through Elvis singing softly as he became serious with her. However, things change dramatically in the second half where there are signs that it has lost some coherence or focus on its main point. Execution in the latter part is disjointed from what should have occurred according to themovie which makes audiences want more profoundnessand clarity.


Cailee Spaeny deserves credit for her portrayal of Priscilla, a woman who longed to connect despite being in the public eye. She brings out the character’s inner struggle and loneliness. Tim Post does an excellent job as Vernon Presley, playing his role as Elvis’ father well. The others such as Jacob Elordi (as Elvis) and Ari Cohen (as Captain Beaulieu), also provide convincing performances that lend to the film’s authenticity.


This is shown by Sophia Coppola, who is known for her unique storytelling technique, in Priscilla where she tries to show us something else about one part of a famous love story most people do not know about it yet. Her direction captures fully the complexities present in Priscilla’s life and makes it more real as we watch her suffering. Nevertheless, there is something incomplete about this film on execution. While the pace is good and narrative intriguing during first half, the last half loses its way making audience desire some more clarity or depth. But even with these flaws which made it almost perfect, there was a move that was clearly visible when Priscilla stopped been used as main character and became a minor figure since Elvis rose up to his place of light. As well, she appears weak throughout most parts of this movie especially considering that she cannot make up mind on anything.

The Verdict

Priscilla is a film which asks interesting questions about how much fame would cost and how it affects love while giving a great picture of Priscilla Presley’s life. Nevertheless, its execution is flawed, as the story loses its steam while on progress. Nonetheless, the movie does not stitch together well with the respect to this central theme despite commendable performances. Priscilla begins with promise but loses its way storywise resulting in the 1.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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