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Featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman as the main characters, No Hard Feelings is finally out on Amazon Prime Video. Prior to watching the movie this weekend, read our review.

You will be pleased if you are one of those who enjoy watching Jennifer Lawrence movies which hop from the inquisitive tone of “Causeway” last year into this raunchy rom-com about an Uber driver who takes up an offer from a rich couple to give their shy son some nights of wild fun.

No Hard Feelings: Storyline

This is more or less Somewhere In Queens by Ray Romano without that vulgarity ever-present and common among people living there although there is some crudeness in two episodes when Maddie wipes Percy’s premature ejaculation on his teddy bear after she sleeps with him for the first time and then a naked Maddie(Jennifer Lawrence naked) fights loiterers who stole her things and clothes while swimming naked with her new friend aged 19 at night on a beach.

Why was she skinny dipping in the middle of the night with an innocent-hearted boy who wouldn’t sleep with Maddie until he knew her well enough?

It’s like Pretty Woman meets pre-Graduate. The writing tends toward a certain “spunkiness” in mood and flavor. And that is not wrong. The problem lies in the fact that frisky flavor might not be appealing to Jennifer Lawrence supporters. On this occasion of complete somersaulting over image, Lawrence figures out what it means to be desperate or disorganized. She never pays her bill or takes pills at the right time. She hooks up with men of questionable characters on multiple occasions, and maybe does not wash for days. Her best mates sneer behind her back. Is that what heroism looks like now? Yes! And thank goodness Hollywood greats are unbuckling for a good time!

No Hard Feelings(I am sure there is a dirty pun in the title) is full of the ‘f’ activity. Fun, I mean. Lawrence and her young co-star Andrew Barth Feldman(a prized find) play the slut and the ingénue with genuine joy. These two breathe a lewd luscious life into a screenplay that seems sold on ribaldry.

Final Verdict

But wait! No Hard Feelings is not an unclean film. It’s got some dirt which it offsets with frothiness. This leaves us with somewhat salty broth, though well brewed. Some of the writing here is better than what it is being represented as. There’s a scene where Percy has dinner with Maddie in some fancy restaurant, but at some point he bumps into one of his female friends. Claws are unsheathed right away! It’s a tough world out there.

It isn’t your typical romcom either; one that doesn’t pull its punches when dealing with both classes of society i.e., filthy rich and very poor people.

Jennifer Lawrence is obviously first-rate thirst-rate but for my money Andrew Barth Feldman steals this raunchy rom-com from under her nose. Oh by the way, you’ll find Hasan Minhaj doing a blink-and-miss appearance as one of Ms Lawrence’s suitors because he’s actually-yes-an actor!

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