Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld

Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld
Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld
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In the present online world, internet users are more and more curious about what goes on behind our screens. Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld is a Netflix documentary that exposes how a team of hackers ran the darkest corners of the web from an old German tourist center’s Cold War bunker.

This Netflix movie is based on a true story as outlined in the New Yorker which you can read it here. It is about how they hacked their way to running a criminal empire over dark web after occupying an abandoned bunker. We watch how they were tracked down and captured by Germany’s federal paramilitary police and their short trail.

Plot Summary

We open with what appears to be a crazy scientist character, looking untidy with big hair, sitting quietly in an empty room awaiting his next question. The studio set up resembles camera studio with plain background without any prop around them. He was Xennt being interview while in jail. We have the script ready and spend the rest of the documentary leading up to this part and hearing what he has to say.

These hackers turned into a dope spaceship an old bunker — which also happened to be massive since it had five floors. So what funds Internet? Pornography! They hosted porn sites for generating traffic as well as anything else that could make them money.

Their motto is absolute freedom on internet where anything goes. Cyberbunker created its own little universe and pulled off some impressive yet dangerous and stupid stunts online. Thereafter, they were involved in cyber warfare against another competitor – one of the most intense battles ever fought out on the internet until now . But unfortunately you can’t do whatever you want online because some activities that are illegal offline e.g., drug trafficking or child pornography would be encouraged due to such false freedom.

The interviews with journalist Ed and investigator Nicola are interesting watching too. But both are incredibly easy to watch and listen to-and you can feel their excitement for their roles in this. There are many different interviews, including an FBI one and the director of the Wall Street Market that show the impact of Cyberbunker as it was a global power. I can tell you right now that there are some absolutely crazy people interview here (who were part of Cyberbunker). Which is kind of refreshing in a way although their views and capabilities may be worrying.

We get to know about police investigation into the matter and strategy that took place – over 650 police officers were sent to this bunker who did not know what they would find there. The police confiscated four hundred and twelve hard drives, four hundred and three servers, sixty-five USB sticks, sixty-one laptops and computers, fifty-seven phones…etc among other things. It is an incredible story nearly impossible to believe and worth watching. This led to more investigations upon which 300 suspects were arrested in twenty two countries.

The last section of the documentary is the trial which was so complicated described as a show trial followed by Xennt’s interview. Which was powerful but sort of anti-climatic too. But he is scarier because of what he can do i.e; it’s scary to think how quickly effective cyber-criminal organizations can be set up by people.

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