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‘Maamla Legal Hai’ is an original series that takes viewers into the strange world of Patparganj district court. The show presents various abnormal legal cases inspired by true stories over eight episodes of half-an-hour each blending entertainment with reality. One case involves a bird on trial for swearing, serving as an introduction to the dark humour, which grounds the otherwise fantastical narrative.

This series is a workplace comedy set in the Patparganj District Court, which follows a group of “jugaadu” lawyers that navigate through peculiar cases with humor and wit.

The series starts off with Ravi Kishan playing VD Tyagi, I comic lawyer who knows his way around the law and can easily find loopholes in them to win his cases. He eyes the position of Bar Association President and calls himself the head of Patparganj Bar Association. Naila Grewal portrays Ananya Shroff; she is Harvard-educated lawyer who had desired to offer free legal services to those who need it most but finds herself in a very difficult situation when she comes down to Patparagang. Nidhi Bisht plays Sujata known as Didi who dreams of having her own Chamber even before doing any single case whereas she has never represented anyone’s case till now. Anant V Joshi plays Vishwas Pandey, an office manager who sees himself as Donna Paulson from ‘Suits.’

Showrunner Sameer Saxena, along with director Rahul Pandey and writers Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja do OTT version of Jolly LLB that brings puns and lightheartedness into life situations. Even though this aspect seems well-studied throughout, there are few places where it slows down especially how VD Tyagi’s personal life is shown. Sometimes overuse of melodrama gets in the way of keeping the show’s light-hearted tone.

Ravi Kishan is a great actor who easily transforms from a wicked lawyer to a good one, displaying his cunning strategies and knowledge of legal loopholes. Other actors such as Yashpal Sharma, Naila Grewal, Anant V Joshi, and Nidhi Bisht also put forth their best performances. The humour present in the series via snappy one-liners and well-timed jokes keeps the audience engaged.

All in all, ‘Maamla Legal Hai’ is an interesting mix of comedy and drama that will leave its viewers entertained and satisfied with its unique court scenes.

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