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Comedy and mystery blend together in Murder Mubarak, a great whodunit tribute. ACP Singh is the lead investigator in charge of this case.

The Royal Delhi Club in the city centre has an atmosphere of exclusiveness and refinement which are meant for only the rich people. It may be considered as a place where sophistication and privilege mix easily yet invisibly. But on that fated evening while glittering crowd assembled for auspicious occasion, serene ambiance of club was disturbed by murder. The experienced detective assigned to untwine intricate web of corruption surrounding this murder is ACP Bhawani Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) known for his sharpness and tirelessness towards justice. As he navigates through the maze of lies and deceit, ACP Singh gets into a territory infested with envy, treachery, ancient grudges hidden behind the glitz of this prestigious space.…

The ability of Pankaj Tripathi to shine as ACP Bhawani Singh is very commendable especially due to his playing an Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot character that he does with great ease. He brings both humor and intellectuality in his acting which makes him fun to watch. The performance by Sara Ali Khan as Bambi Todi captures every aspect about her character being fragile but strong too at the same time This gave her role depth and nuance as she drew audiences into the convoluted plotline weaving around them; Vijay Varma was impressive in his role as lawyer who walks with truth beside it when we cannot recognize it. In these moments, Vijay stood tall amidst all chaos depicted throughout movie. Karisma Kapoor sparkles as Shehnaz Noorani, whose glamorous exterior hides many secrets from public eyes Karisma made viewers guessing till end of movie because her character had some complexities intertwined within them. Sanjay Kapoor gives an outstanding performance reminiscent Maharaja Rannvijay Singh, a broken-down aristocrat. In his act is a feeling of sadness and vulnerability.

Dimple Kapadia adds yet another layer of eccentricity to Murder Mubarak with her performance as Cookie Katoch, a sculptor who serves as both comic relief and provides some valuable insights for the case under investigation. In her performance, she shows how versatile an actress she can be. Moreover, Brijendra Kala excels in his brief role as a simpleton who knows too much thereby enriching the fabric of characters in this film. Also Tisca Chopra does well as the grieving mother

The camera work by Linesh Desai has done justice to story line that was passed by him. The music score suits the narrative precisely and enhances suspense while intensifying mystery’s atmosphere. Nonetheless, at times, the adaptation from Anuja Chauhan’s book Club You To Death feels confused thus losing track of itself amidst intricate plotting. The film could have used slight trimming off twenty minutes; however Casting saves it from going down and makes sure it remains interesting throughout.

Pankaj Tripathi replacing Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Varma among the leading actors is a testament to the progressiveness of Bollywood today. As usual, this movie is another example of why he is considered one of the best actors in India, as well as Bollywood at large.

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