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It’s odd after three Meet The Parents films to see Robert De Niro play a grumpy parent in a film with the same premise. But different from the comedies in which he teamed up with Ben Stiller, playing an ex-CIA spook who hates his future son-in-law and was too protective of his family. In About My Father, he plays an Italian hairdresser who loves his hotel manager son. And feels he just wouldn’t fit in with the super rich parents of his son’s girlfriend. Unlike the previous films, his character is more relatable and humane. There are gags aplenty, including one involving a pet peacock being serve as dinner but it all seems real over all. To give it a purely Bollywood context, it feels like a Govinda-Kader Khan film, minus the over the top melodrama and dance numbers.

Sebastian Maniscalco is renown for stand up comedy while still having had minor roles in movies such as Green Book (2018) and The Irishman (2019). This is the first time when he has been given an opportunity to play a lead role. He possesses an appealing personality that is efficient enough for being comic with perfect timing as well. It should be noted that this film is based on his personal experience relating to his father, who came from Italy at 15 years old and started working as hair dresser.

The movie tells about Sebastian Maniscalco (played by himself), who works at boutique hotel in Chicago fallen love for Ellie Collins (Leslie Bibb), which is esoteric artist. She turns out to be Tigger’s (Kim Cattrall) daughter Bill David Rasche), millionaire owning chain of luxury hotels. His plan is to propose her on Fourth Of July holidays only if she accepts her ancestral ring handed down by father –hairdresser Salvo (Robert De Niro). Salvo does not believe Elsa belongs anywhere near Sebastian who is very old school. Both are invited to be with Ellie’s family at an upscale club and slowly. A series of hilarious misadventures ensue that threaten Sebastian and Ellie’s impending union.

As for the film, it is situationally funny as hell and the dialogue is clever too. They both have excellent comedic timing and it is hilarious to see Robert De Niro against Sebastian Maniscalco. They look like father-son pair who adore each other despite differences between them. Together they make up the core of this film. Also, De Niro loves his co-stars any time he appears on screen; he even has such scenes with Cattrall Kim. It’s not like there’s a villain in the movie. The rich in-laws try to impose their influences on Sebastian and Ellie but quickly draw back when they realise their mistake. There’s no major conflict as such. Everyone is nice to each other and resolve their differences with ease. But this isn’t jarring at all as the laughter keeps flowing.

Watch it for the onscreen interaction between Maniscalco & De Niro, besides its feel-good storyline as well!

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