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Story: A married couple, stranded in a desolate area, encounter a forest being. Despite trying to stave off the being, it follows them home, setting in motion a series of events that change their lives forever.

In this review which was written by one of the viewers of film ‘Fairy Folk’, Mohit and Ritika (Mukul Chadda & Rasika Dugal) are travelling when they get stuck. They start arguing over car break down amidst nowhere. But once they see an unknown person (Nikhil Desai), staying at them for long, they decide to make hurried escape failing to realize that they are followed home till now. Nevertheless, this creature is not what they anticipated and it is also gentle and nonsexist as well. Moreover besides their unsureness about what to do next towards the issue at hand even the friends intervene too.

Mohit finally realizes he can train it to act as human as possible and then they start bonding with each other. However things go awry when one morning Ritika and Mohit wake up only to find out that there is another strange man in their house who believes himself to be Mohit whereas the forest entity has become a man overnight. So she gets more attached to Kabir (Chandrachoor Rai) than ever before leading her into introducing him as her relative among other acquaintances. On realizing that he is left alone now however, Mohit schemes on how he will get another forest inhabitant so that it can turn him into his wife this time.

“Fairy Folk” can be seen as an urban story with strong elements of magical realism too whereby director Karan Gour examines issues such as conventional notions regarding sexuality; identity safeguarding in relationships; alienation; etcetera (Green). At any rate, the story does not appear excessively heavy despite its weirdness at times – bizarreness which although appears often doesn’t make the story heavy. The treatments that are typically verbal improvisations for the actors to follow, improvise, and create their dialogues make it more realistic and flowing. For example; Mukul Chadda, Rasika Dugal, Nikhil Desai, Chandrachoor Rai, Asmit Pathare – all of them bear a panache of easiness in their performance even though the situation may be highly complicated.

But this very fact about it makes other parts of narration unclear as well as some inconsistencies present in the text itself. Also, given its length barely exceeds 90 minutes, the pacing seems to slow down sometimes. Nonetheless “Fairy Folk” is innovative both in terms of content and style and thus deserves at least one look because of it together with such sincere performances done on impulse.

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