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It is always a delight to chance upon shows that you have started watching with zero expectations, yet they turn out to be good watches. You must understand that this comedy drama is among the best there are on Netflix. A show that keeps you hooked even though you have no idea what direction it will take next is indicative of excellent filmmaking. It has been a long time since we had a good comedy drama on Netflix, but Bros provides one. The Israeli original which premiered in Jerusalem is about two friends who run a bar together. Created by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon, it was released on the streaming platform on April 19th 2024.

Bros centers around Pini and Nisso who grew up as best friends and now run a bar in Jerusalem together. They have both faced various challenges in their personal lives as well as professional careers over the years. Pini is married to Alma, and they have been trying to conceive for some time now without any success so far. However, his health should also be taken into account because he spends most of his day drinking alcohol at the bar where they work while occasionally dabbling in recreational drugs too. In addition, there’s another man planning to open up a discotheque near their joint which might take away some customers from them thus forcing them out of business; although adjacent store owner creates nuisances by taking their space even though his own business does not operate anymore.

A small accident involving bikes between them gave both good tidings and bad news respectively; after discovering that his wife was pregnant following this incident while at the hospital where he went due injuries sustained during said accident niso got told by doctors attending him then about finding tumor inside his body but only thorough checkup would reveal whether cancer cells were present or not because of it.Pini gets thrilled by this revelation while niso gets depressed as he recalls that dad died cancerous related ailment so worries if same fate awaits him too so both are ready for some lifestyle changes; will niso become more daring? Was pini trying to make adjustments in his life since soon he would become a father?

Bros is an eight-episode miniseries that lasts between thirty and forty minutes per episode, which seems like a decent comedy-drama. The show takes place in Israel but one would assume it’s going to be spy action thriller given how Pini rescues Nisso from criminals within first two episodes but with just two episodes through its witty dialogue coupled with intriguing storyline makes one want to watch all episodes back-to-back. The topic of Bros wasn’t hard to follow as well as keeping the storylines simple. It’s the script which works wonders here and has you laughing from start till finish.

The funniest thing about Bros is its comedic timing, which always matches the main action. This does not feel like a non-stop joke fest because they put it in such a way that each situation seems real. The best part is that it follows a pretty simple story line without getting too complicated. There are only a few subplots involving the main characters and very few digressions from the main plot. There are hardly any cons of this show that jump out at you. Anything you may have an issue with is redeemed by how well the narrative treats every character in the show, particularly those played by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon. It delves into relationships, friendships, regrets and love, all of which are well explored by Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon who wrote for this series.

Essentially Bros is a tale about brotherhood set against the backdrop of Jewish history where Jews had to move to Palestine after Europe persecuted them during or before WW2. They accidentally become friends when they go on a trip together to watch football match in Krakow Poland where so many things go wrong for them. The past story merges perfectly with what Pini and Nisso feel about keeping up their family’s name since they lost most members during Holocaust but this does not drag as one would expect.

My only concern or rather plot hole was about Nisso’s friendship with Pini after finding out that he owes someone money without even telling him why he needed to borrow such amount overnight! How comes none of them knew what changed their attitude towards one another overnight? That’s far-fetched and unbelievable scenario if you ask me! This should have been addressed differently by these writers given its nature being produced from Netflix Middle East region where we need more equality among genders let alone respect for women who conceive children.

It was weird how suddenly Nisso finds enough money to clear his debts especially having seen how broke he was when trying save up some cash for renovations at the bar. However, they kind of beat around the bush while discussing how much Pini cares about Nisso throughout their various conflicts but it was not necessary because we know already that they were brothers from another mother!

The series is a good love story and friendship story at its core, as a screenplay. However, while the narrative may have some ups and downs, it works out well for the most part because all of them were consistent, they didn’t just mess up the plots for confusion’s sake. The production design is fine; it’s set in 2008. They say it’s based on true events but I wish there was more information about what happened then and if these people are real or not.

Given that this is a comedy-drama, much onus was placed on writing rather than acting. Comic timing in this show is good across all actors but their performance doesn’t stand out or carry the show through from start to finish even though they do possess such skill. Pini and Nisso are played by writers themselves which makes sense considering screen chemistry between them two allows storytelling move along.

Bros is great at showing how relationships work with lots of love and laughs – you’ll be smiling by the end! We need season two for more Pini-Nisso dynamics please!

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