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‘Killer Soup’ is an outstanding odd-ball adventure by all accounts. A few weirdly humorous, sinister, thrilling and, indeed, entertaining souls make the story enjoyable. It becomes even more interesting with supernaturalism and poetry. This thriller is neither suspenseful nor mysterious; instead it is a gripping narrative.

A hopeful but untalented chef wants to open a restaurant. But one murder ruins her and sets in place a conspiracy. She replaces her husband with her paramour and conceals something. The local inspector will not stop until he has unraveled this puzzle.

The show opens with Swathi Reddy (Konkona Sen Sharma) serving Paya Soup to her husband, Prabhakar Shetty (Manoj Bajpayee). Her enthusiasm while his resistance to consuming the food indicates that something is off, thus setting the tone for the rest of the series. Swathi’s main goal throughout is opening her own restaurant but what transpires lets you peek into a world full of lies, deceitfulness, transactional relationships and sheer wickedness.

Swathi manipulates recent happenings such that she has Umesh Pillai (also Manoj Bajpayee) become her husband. There has been a crime committed and now they have to save themselves from Nasser as Senior Inspector and Arvind Shetty played by Sayaji Shinde who happens to be Prabhakar’s criminal brother too. The harder they try though the worse things get for them.

The reason why Abhishek Chaubey’s film worked so well was because every scene had its importance and every single piece of information was meant to be there for a reason – if only you could manage to link them together later on in time’. Therefore you need to be attentive always because it would be clear only later how these things are connected between each other . For example , mushrooms …..Arvind tells a potential buyer of his narcotics business -a bite of these magic mushrooms will take you to heaven. But a handful will take you to hell, but anything beyond that would be ‘pack up.’ In the final phase of the series, Swathi’s cooking instructor Mehrunisa played by Vaishali Bisht characterizes black mushrooms. With the same phraseology as he does but this time round for transforming Swathis tasteless soup.

Sometimes one feels like Chaubey is juggling too many strands of plot with each character’s back-story but he doesn’t quite let go of the overall narrative. And one of the most striking parts is the masterful mix of things. There’s something here that reminds one of witch in the forest and there’s also a swarm fireflies which makes it feel like fairy tales; both are equally captivating.

Yet again Konkona Sen Sharma and Manoj Bajpayee have done themselves proud. The success in their characterization is that they are all amoral, yet each has an endearing side — Umesh at times feels remorse over what they have done while Swathi loves her niece Apeksha (Anula Navlekar) genuinely. They both play every little thing so well although it seems relaxed when either speaks though. However, secondary and tertiary characters such as Sayaji Shinde and Vaishali Bisht must be acknowledged. Once you start watching their acts you get hooked on them since they act rather forcefully . Also Anula Navlekar as Arvind’s daughter portrayed by Nasser as obsessed cop wears an excellent performance.

‘Killer Soup’ is a dark comedy thriller with hidden layers and depth that will keep any viewer absorbed throughout its length. This killer dish served by Abhishek Chaubey can make you eat till your stomach bursts!

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