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Of course, once actors were the stunt performers but then they started filming movies. Who can direct and shoot action sequences better than people who have already risked their lives in order to make viewers enjoy such films? John Wick is one of the best action movie franchise ever made if not the best and it was directed by Chad Stahelski while Jesse V. Johnson has for years been making martial arts epics with Scott Adkins typically being in the lead role.

Extraction, a Netflix Original picture directed by an ex-stuntman named Sam Hargrave, is one of these remarkable movies. It is full of jaw-dropping action sequences, with a bad-ass main character and stunning cinematography. Netflix exploded on social media after releasing this film due to its awesome 10-minute “oner” that had cameras moving through cars and bullets while Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake went on a killing spree.

Now he returns from death wounds at Extraction 2’s start point beside what happened previously. Later he discovers that his new job is to save friend’s family from jail as revealed later on who are actually family to ruthless gangster. Hargrave brings back everything we loved about part one and then some. The sequel has bigger fights, better characters and actually has a plot unlike its predecessor did anyway.

By far 2023 has had the best action movies yet including Extraction 2 which could easily be called the year’s finest movie so far. The primary reason for this is definitely Hargrave’s impeccable eye for detail when it comes to action scenes in his movies. The body count in this film is much higher than that of its predecessor while it also offers bigger spectacle.Extraction 2 will be adored by audiences desperate for more installments of this universe.

Another “oner” appears in Extraction 2 raising the ante even further for nearly twenty minutes or even longer.Scene starts at a prison where Tyler fights off legions of convicts and guards with guns, knives and even a dumbbell. The camera transitions into the next shot immediately after this scene as we go straight into an amazing car chase that includes several incredible stunts on motorcycles, and then we get five extra minutes on board for some more action with helicopters firing missiles at our hero who simply jumps under them. Brilliant.

This is definitely the heart of the movie; it has enough of the creative brutality excellently filmed as when compared to the first part of this story. While Hargrave continues his prowess in shooting and directing action and its best he really does not deserve awards for these moments only.On top of it, other parts of action might be less captivating than that 20 minute “oner” but each one is equally brutal and well shot.

Once Extraction 2 opens the cages, and its first action scene is released, it does not stop. While some may criticize the movie for being plotless, and audiences may feel tired out; still we are all here for the action. By having non-stop and unforgiving action throughout, this movie makes the two-hour run time goes on quickly.

There exist many badass heroes in action movies such as Rambo, John Wick, Sarah Connors, Ellen Ripley or John McClane just to mention a few. Now we can add Tyler Rake from Extraction to that long list of seemingly invulnerable protagonists. Rake is a dangerous and likeable character which was one of our favorites in Extractions’ first film. However with more depth, more opportunities to show his superior fighting skills and much higher body count Tyler Rake needs to be among the greatest now.

Said hero as played by Chris Hemsworth is fantastic. His gigantic built and fast reflexes permit him carry out extremely quick ferocious physicality scenes that Extraction 2 never avoids showing. During one section he tears off one of his enemies hand with his bare hands as only a very few other actors performing similar feats can achieve this task. Equally important, Chris Hemsworth delves into the personal tragedy behind this character delivering great emotionality and range as Tyler Rake becomes something more than an unbreakable tough guy.

However great Chris Hemsworth was it’s really been about the supporting cast stealing the show. Golshifteh Farahani stood out amongst them as she excelled in her combat scenes demonstrating her brilliant physical control over her own body while acting in Extraction(2015). Nik Kahn might soon become the best character in this series so maybe Tyler Rake should watch his back?

Furthermore Idris Elba together with Daniel Bernhardt also make pleasant appearances expanding on extraction universe’s characters due their presence along side impeccable support such as Olga Kurylenko. The biggest and best surprise was Idris Elba who, if the final minutes of the movie are anything to go by, will play a big part in what lies ahead for this franchise. However, martial arts God Daniel Bernhardt is yet again underused like all his other roles in Hollywood. Bernhardt never got to show off his impressive capabilities in martial arts.

Netflix has been wanting to produce a successful franchise similar to MCU or Harry Potter for years. Although some films (such as Bright, Death Note and Project Power) may have looked promising, Netflix couldn’t turn any of them into franchises. Thankfully, Netflix finally gets its wish since the action packed Extraction is just what the streaming giant needed.

We are definitely getting a sequel or two based on how Extraction 2 ends and we cannot wait. Is this going to be as big as John Wick? That’s highly unlikely but so long as Hargrave continues giving us great characters with stellar action sequences then we’ll happily binge on every Extraction movie that Netflix puts out there.

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