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STORY: Dave’s discovery of a secret about Emma’s true self changes their marriage. This is what happens next in their lives.

REVIEW: ‘Role Play’ is a predictable but engaging action comedy with a neat take on spy films as a genre. This 110-minute long movie starts by introducing us to Emma (Kayley Cuoco) and David Brackett (David Oyelowo), an average couple who suddenly learn that Emma has been operating as an undercover agent all along.

In an effort to bring some life to their dull relationship, Emma and David decide to play roles at a local pub. These events set off a chain of actions where Emma eventually becomes fugitive while David contemplates the possibility that his wife could be someone else entirely.

Thomas Vincent, director from France, has made lighter touch into spy movies including ‘Reacher’ and ‘Bodyguard.’ The storyline follows a somewhat predictable route; nonetheless it does well in examining masks within marriages though more elaborate stunts and twists might have spiced up its overall tempo.

The film stars Kayley Cuoco (from ‘The Big Bang Theory’) and David Oyelowo as the couple who had seen it all. Their brilliant chemistry adds verve into this film, although their ability seems underused. Gwen Carver (Connie Nielsen), an enemy agent chasing after her, adds depth to the story. Bill Nighy plays Bob the enigmatic character whose few lines give him impact that lasts forever. It was just unfortunate that Bill wasn’t fully utilized by those involved in making it pretty disappointing.

Despite these few issues, “Role Play” still offers humorously entertaining moments in regard to trust, lies and hidden truths beneath seemingly ordinary marriages

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