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Few subgenres can be as creepy and disturbing as lovecraftian horror. For those who do not know, this is also known as ‘cosmic horror,’ and it got its name from the outstanding but controversial 19th-century author H.P. Lovecraft. In his works, Lovecraft usually depicted strange beings that originate from different dimensions or universes which were often repugnant and freakish looking. Examples of some of best movies in the lovecraftian horror genre include Re-Animator by Stuart Gordon, Annihilation by Alex Garland, Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space and Event Horizon by Paul W.S Anderson. The recently released low budget film Older Gods has been described as the successor to the Cthulhu themed tentacle monster films.

Older Gods is a very low-budget scary movie with COVID being filmed over a shorter amount of time than most other movies are made. Nevertheless, Only Gods’ passion for storytelling is strong enough to overlook all financial constraints and deliver something beyond an indie-horror film albeit on a grand scale. Maybe one of the greatest horror flicks this year so far would belong to Older Gods; definitely in terms of Lovecraftian horrors. It provides an intriguing mystery, an undeniably tense atmosphere, satisfying jump scares and loads of creepy visuals.

Older Gods follows Chris (Rory Wilson), who has lost his friend Billy (Ieuan Coombs) tragically after he got wrongly accused for killing someone else in a Welsh countryside investigation trip. Inside the house however, Chris finds out lots of evidence including enormous files with pictures among other things indicating that there is a cult about to bring back “The Origin” that will obliterate humanity.

Billy had been studying the activities of this sect and investigating disappearance incidents involving many locals within this Welsh community before he died. They understood also from his investigations how widespread this cult had become: Billy left a trail of corpses from Bosnia to this remote Welsh cottage.

Chris is stalked by the same cult that pushed Chris and other victims of the cult into madness on his journey to clear Billy’s name, while he tries to save his own family. In addition to Billy, Chris must also fight for himself as he sinks deeper into insanity.

Another major accomplishment of Older Gods is that it has a haunting ambiance. From setting, music, cinematography, and pacing, Older Gods is a suspenseful and eerie movie throughout. It never lets up; thank goodness it was only 80 minutes long because it would almost be oppressive if it were any longer. The isolation and anxiety are depicted well in the film by David A Roberts.

Moreover, the music keeps being spooky. Music is chilling right from the first scene which not only causes your skin tissues crawl with goose bumps but makes your heart races faster with every progressing minute of the movie as well. Even when there are some slight humorous scenes here and there, however rare they may be; the score still maintains its unsettling effect as though one would question together with Chris about what kind of reality he sees before him onscreen even in some scenes of levity.

Cinematography is equally important when it comes to the disturbing aesthetic and atmosphere of the film. Older Gods prefers long shots and strategically placed cameras that create a sense of terror, but where it really excels is with its closer angles on Chris, which make us feel closer to Chris, making the stakes for movies higher and our overall connection to him more personal.

As in countless Lovecraftian horror films, this film takes a while to build up. It throws audiences deep into a thrilling mystery, gradually revealing the mysteries surrounding its harrowing apocalyptic cult. The film does not outstay its welcome as previously mentioned since it lasts for eighty minutes only. Even if you get bored by it being drawn out, you will be too caught up in wondering what can happen next before getting treated with a tantalizingly many-questions-raising closure.

That being said, there are still plenty of jump scares that remain effective at keeping horror fans thrilled without getting focused on story alone. Some may not land as well as others as in most horror films but some still deliver their intended purpose. This lack of narrative speed yet constant tension keeps one on tenterhooks.

Older Gods maintains its Lovecraftian elements through numerous creepy visuals presented to spectators. In the movie cult insignias are shown emblazoned with blood across bodies which is nothing short of nightmare-inducing Luu 2(“Older Gods,” 2016). Now imagine walking up your staircase at home, looking down your hallway and seeing a naked crying skinny man curled up into a ball bawling his eyes out: Creepy right? Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments coupled with flashbacks designed only to induce maximum dread; they work.

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