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“Lift” is just like its title, a generic and forgettable example of glossy empty action films that Netflix keeps churning out whether we want it or not. For instance, it isn’t as snarky as “Red Notice,” but resembles “The Gray Man.” It is skillfully produced and big-name-casted; plus, some of its ideas are captivating though the entire plot is empty.

F. Gary Gray has directed better action movies before (like “Set It Off,” or “The Italian Job”) and probably will in future. Like many previous films, ‘Lift’ features an ensemble cast of con artists attempting to execute a heist that seems impossible at first sight. There are certain pleasures contain in that proposal especially when the mission gets more intricate. Yet, Daniel Kunka’s characters have very little depth about them and this make it hard to be move on. Whether they eventually succeed or not while its visual effects appear like video game detached from reality most times. 

A group of experienced high-tech thieves has to rob gold bars worth half a billion dollars from a commercial airliner going from London to Zurich. One of those men we meet in the beginning of the film – Cyrus which is played by Kevin Hart – robs a prestigious art auction in Venice. This kind of movie relies on shiny aerial shots of European cities like Venice, London and Brussels for all their globe-trotting needs; except they all blur together anyway. Hart plays against type here as he dials down his frantic wisecracking persona somewhat. Besides this however, Lift positions him into another genre. The role given to him does nothing interesting for his personality. Which makes him become one suave thief among many others.

Cyrus has some sort of past with Interpol Agent Abby Gladwell played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Who is also chasing after them for robbery happened in the past years resulting from it. These two have nothing going on between them, and their flirtation feels forced. Abby is just another girl who does whatever her boss tells her to (which in this case is played by Sam Worthington). So she reluctantly enlists Cyrus’ help for stealing the gold from Jean Reno’s character. Who represents all sorts of evil trying to make money out of terrorism by sponsoring it through tragic accidents. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what is happening here. Because the point was simply to give these characters a reason to engage in some mid-air acrobatics.

Everyone has a role: Camila (Úrsula Corberó) pilots, Mi-Sun (Yun Jee Kim) hacks, Denton (Vincent D’Onofrio) disguises himself etc., and that’s it. They sit around in posh high-rise apartments or industrial areas with bright fluorescent lighting that never changes. And joke about each other awkwardly trying too hard to be cool as well as light-hearted at the same time. Billy Magnussen plays Magnus as the safecracker; his performance is comically absurd as Brad Pitt’s role in Burn after Reading. Basically, he seems like he should be starring in an entirely different movie—one that you might actually prefer.

However, much of what passes for thrills and excitement in “Lift” are blandly zippy editing tricks: sped-up sequences, zooms and montages. How many more fistfights can we watch on airplanes? They become tedious over time like the entire film eventually becomes tiresome anyway. But then again, maybe its most rewarding viewing could be while you are flying. When there isn’t time for anything interesting on your horizon except such mindless entertainment.

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