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Netflix confirmed on April 19, 2021 that the second season of Ginny & Georgia has been renewed and is set to premiere on January 5th, 2023 which will be here before we know it. The coming-of-age drama/mystery series blew up on the streaming platform as soon as it took over our screens with a snide remark aimed at Gilmore Girls – its supernova twin. Whether Ginny & Georgia is as good as the classic mother-daughter favorite that it’s been challenging from its very infancy is for fans to decide, but there’s no question about how high standards have been set by Ginny & Georgia and how secure it feels in this genre.

Now With Season 2 of “Ginny & Georgia” Almost Here, Let’S Go Back to the Millers’, Find Out What Really Happened in Last Episode From Season 1 and Make Some Predictions How New Season Will Address the Dysfunctional Family Dynamic That Is Driving a Wedge Between Immature Mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) and Her Repressed Daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry).

What’s ‘Ginny & Georgia’ About?

Georgia Miller, though still immature, is one hell of a cool mom. So what happens when life suddenly goes pear-shaped for cool moms like her because their partner turns out to be a jerk? They take care of business (which we mean by kill them duh) and fill that void with a idyllic replacement for their once perfect life – exactly what Georgia does. Carrying her teenage daughter, Ginny, and Potterhead son Austin (Diesel La Torraca) into her black BMW convertible car,” said Greg Rucka, who was also involved in writing Wonder Woman comics during his career. This sets off a new chapter for her emotionally charged ever happening life in Wellsbury Massachusetts described as picture-perfect town.

However, while constantly changing husbands or towns might keep Georgia from giving in to the emotions she constantly tries to suppress, it also doesn’t help in her relationship with her children. Ginny is not able to see Wellsbury as “Gilmore-Girls-Glamorous” as her mother who finds solace in anything that could distract her from her pain and has never made any real friends. The fact that New England town is evidently racist does not improve Ginny’s already deteriorating mental health especially since she always feels like an afterthought when compared to all the attention Ginny’s mother seems to draw towards herself.

Ginny’s Emotional Journey Explained

Throughout Season 1 of Ginny & Georgia, there were many ups and downs for Ginny as she worked through her mom’s complicated past, messy love life, and self-harm issues. Over the season we watch Ginny grow up and have some “normal” teenaged experiences for once in her life after a lifetime of moving.

Ginny, in an unprecedented turn of events, actually makes some decent friends. The group of her pals is called MANG after its members Maxine (Sara Waisglass), Abby (Katie Douglas), Norah (Chelsea Clark) and Ginny herself. However, they too appear to be struggling with typical teenage problems that Ginny at her inability to say no to others has taken upon herself. In addition to this, she has the racist curriculum at Wellsbury High School to fight against. Her racist AP English teacher constantly looks down on Ginny in class, and she confronts him about teaching a curriculum that consists of privileged White males.

Virginia also moves into another new town where she must deal with Georgia’s overprotectiveness as well as a microaggressive AP lit teacher who does not seem to understand what he is doing. Besides that, Ginny becomes caught in a love triangle featuring Marcus (Felix Mallard), Shawn Hunter-ish brother of Max and her boyfriend Hunter (Mason Temple), who will find out later he’s not the only one whose girlfriend is secretly in love with Marcus. Towards the end of the season, however, this secret finally comes out leading both MANG and Hunter to cut off all connections with Ginny; Hunter then gets very hurt about it while Max feels deceived by Ginny since she had lied about having something going on between them.

But no one else knows except for Marcus and it causes Ginny Rothstein to burn the inside of her thighs using a lighter for self-injury because of Georgia living their strained relationship with each other which was getting too unbearable for Ginney. She admits that her mother hides secrets from her and isn’t exactly who she claims.

Georgia’s Dark Past Is Explored in ‘Ginny & Georgia’

The pilot episode of “Ginny & Georgia” shows that Georgia is more than just a sweet talker always smiling at everyone. We see a flashback to the recent past when Georgia’s ex-husband Kenny (Darryl Scheelar), pretending to fix her posture, sexually assaults Ginny. Georgia, though, does not say anything or confront her husband at all. She then snips off a poisonous flower from a plant she recognizes and mixes this into Kenny’s smoothie, who drinks it and dies of a heart attack immediately afterwards. (I think we all know what that means.) Another instance where we see hints of Georgia’s dark side is in the present when Georgia pushes her son to punch the boy who broke his Harry Potter glasses, then threatens the boy to lie to his mother Cynthia Fuller (Sabrina Grdevich).

In the second episode of Ginny & Georgia, a number of eyebrow-raising secrets are revealed, hinting that Georgia may have more up her sleeve. Firstly, Georgia hasn’t been posting the letters Austin has been writing to his father who is reputedly in jail for fraud and embezzlement (Georgia amusingly tells her neighbor while sipping wine that it was she who framed him and we suspect when it comes to Georgia this might not be a joke!). This means that instead of Austin’s dad, its’ actually been Georgia writing all those prison letters to her son after all. Her imprudent actions also led her into applying for a credit card in Austin’s name. A flashback shows a very young girl who had been abused fired a gun at her abusive stepfather hence we know she will protect herself if anything happens. We also find out that Georgia is Mary’s true name and she was born in Alabama.

Georgina’s Affairs on ‘Ginny & Georgia’

While there are secrets behind Georgia’s dark past which she hides well from people; it appears that men aren’t one of them as she knows how to make them fall for her. In the first season of ‘Ginny & Georgia,’ several potential suitors are established for this Southern beauty. And then there is Joe (Raymond), the owner of Blue Farm Café who we later learn through a flashback that he met with Georgina shortly when she got pregnant with Ginny being Joe as sweet as a child now and shared his sandwich with him and gave him sunglasses which he wore until today by Georgina; however whether or not this meeting rings any bells with Georgia remains uncertain. However, it is clear that Joe loves Geogia wholeheartedly – but he arrives too late. The shutterer’s point though begins from Wellsbury mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter) who assumes office where Georgina works at the mayor’s office thus they end up dating with one of the future being his running mate.

The third man who might be suitable for Georgina is her former lover Zion (Nathan Mitchell), who also happens to be Ginny’s biological father. One can imagine the repercussions that are likely to come out of this. The return of a character played by Zion later in ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 1 leads to many unresolved issues and at some point, she even sleeps with him which can destroy her relationship with Paul. Nevertheless, it appears like Georgia has made her choice and by the end of the season they are engaged while Zion moves away.

So What Happened In That Cliffhanger Ending?

The first season of Ginny & Georgia concludes with a cliffhanger and hints at many possibilities for Season 2. And it is really an ending! In a shocking turn of events, Ginny discovers that her “fun-loving” mom actually killed her ex-husband Kenny. When she looks back on it, she remembers an incident where Kenny molested her under the guise of correcting her posture, which seems to be the motivation behind Georgia’s actions against him. Although one might find it excusable, this secret is just one among a million others and Ginny has had enough of her mother’s deceitfulness.

Besides, both Ginny and Austin are shocked to learn that their mother never posted Austin’s letters to his father. So angry with Georgia were Ginny and Austin that they sent all the mails she hadn’t delivered yet. It would be a great lead up into season 2 of Ginny & Georgia when Georgia finds out she is terrified demanding if they put their home address on them suggesting that they may get into trouble.

In fact, both Ginny and Austin stole Marcus’ motorbike as they also decide to leave Wellsbury due to their frustration with their mother. While running away from home, Virginia and Austin take Marcus’ motorcycle without saying good bye to anyone in town as they head towards the road leading out of Wellsbury city limits. Unbeknownst to Georgia who is celebrating Paul’s victory party thus making her First Lady in Wellsburg, Ginny and Austin are leaving town together riding off on Marcus’ bike instead. During the celebration Gorgia challenges investigator Cordova arrogantly informing him he has been defeated while he actually thought he could prove through a postmortem examination that Georgia was responsible for poisoning Kenny; however; unknown to him; she had already gone ahead secretly had his body exhumed then cremated it but left some clues about the fireworks used during the ceremony scattered with his remains.

However, Cordova may not want to start celebrating yet. Before Kenny, Georgia was married to an immoral innkeeper who helped her run an illegal bookmaking enterprise. Finally, she wedded him when Ginny was only a toddler and used him to regain custody of Ginny who had been taken from her after getting involved in an armed robbery (Georgia is never boring.) In a flashback we see that Georgia crushed some pills into his drink, and then he passed out in front of her. He learns that he has been labelled “missing.”

After this roller coaster season of Ginny & Georgia, there are many things we want to know about the fate of our dysfunctional mom-daughter duo. Will Cordova finally find enough proof to arrest Georgia? Where are Ginny and Austin going? Luckily though we don’t have long to wait; Season 2 is just around the corner.

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