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Like many other cosmic-themed films and TV shows, The Signal is a German miniseries that depicts space as a terrible and unfathomable frontier and a suitable backdrop for studies of human relationships and dilemmas.

Only four episodes each lasting for an hour make The Signal Season 1, however it raises so many insightful and thrilling questions from mental health to first contact with an alien culture. It’s a struggle for the Netflix series to give answers.

I began watching The Signal remembering AppleTV+‘s Constellation vibe and felt exactly the same way about it. Something we saw few weeks ago in the latter has left a lady astronaut, her spouse at home as well as their small child in the dark.

But don’t let the titles or overarching storylines deceive you; these two shows are different from one another and have distinct themes too. Although Constellation was an interesting film, Netflix‘s German sci-fi thriller is much briefer but takes its time to get there.

However, throughout the runtime of the show there is no enough reason why this should be so after which it truly delves into murk through several instances to make its point. In fact very few moments will make you laugh or even feel excited so just skip over them all together.

The major storyline in this German thriller is aliens, but suspense or terror are barely there in most of its first act. Nevertheless, we see Paula’s family sufferings and despair especially on her daughter Charlie (Yuna Bennett), who alongside Sven tries finding out what happened to Paula.

Paula (Peri Baumeister) plus another astronaut are sent into space to explore extraterrestrial life forms, encounters with alien beings being among them. Another billionaire’s whim this time around – someone among us does not need any of those things actually desired by none of us. However, outcomes are amazing apart from being fascinating but obviously something goes wrong forcing Sven to look into Paula’s last cryptic message left before she was nowhere to be seen.

The Signal changes as it goes on, however ultimately it manages to combine a number of different parts together in order to create an interesting story. However I must say the plot is still quite interesting and keeps you guessing although I would have enjoyed watching it if several things were trimmed off and running time became shorter.

You might ask whether all of this was simply a fabrication or a grand conspiracy or may be just Paula’s delusion. This is really an exciting movie especially towards the end when solutions finally emerge.

It is the subplot about the grieving people that I did not get very much or care about one way or another. Without going too deep into this, it seemed kind of redundant and detracted from what was already a gripping and mysterious storyline.

We follow this one bloke with fake blood smeared all over his hands for far too long, which actually reduces the intensity of the matter and makes it less serious.

Over time Benisha Mudhi played by Sheeba Chaddha, turns into an increasingly unreal character. And this aspect also seemed rather childish. Given that premise, one would expect that each character would take a different path indeed.

But for many, Mudhi is just another person to be hated and does not bring anything new. However, despite all the predictions one could make about it, this movie had a possibility of doing something more interesting and unusual.

Still though, The Signal is packed with thrills along with some dull spells that will keep you guessing from start to finish; it’s just twisty enough to keep you on the edge but not too long to get under your skin.

On the other hand, is all the suspense and mystery worth it? Does someone from space come to earth? My take on the ending is both poignant and a bit anticlimactic. It’s not really grating but more passionate than everything else.


“The Signal,” a German TV series available on Netflix, explores man’s greed for money and its catastrophic effects as well as tells an exhilarating, unvaried yet sometimes funny story about space. One of the worst things that can happen as a result of it is death; however if everyone would like what comes next remains highly subjective.

However I was interested up until the very end but it did not meet my needs personally. It’s also extremely sentimental and does an excellent job at showing people and their relationships in general although it’s still a good movie but one that won’t leave a lasting impression.

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