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The Gentlemen

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Ritchie’s 2019 film, The Gentlemen, showed Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson using regal English mansions to conduct his marijuana business. The impecunious aristocrats utilized the rental money to keep their historic properties maintained. Ritchie’s new series on Netflix, which is an eight-episode tribute to the movie.

Eddie (Theo James) is a courageous UN Peacekeeping Force soldier who tackles controversies dealing with sheep on the Syrian border when his family solicitor, Ahmed Iqbal (Ranjit Krishnamma), comes to relay news that his father, the Duke of Halstead (Edward Fox), is gravely unwell.

On returning home he finds out that when the Duke dies it will be Eddie who inherits him and not Freddie (Daniel Ings) who should have been the heir but is too coked up. Despite Freddie originally throwing a minor tantrum after being snubbed for this position and then calming down and telling Eddie why he was truly upset.

He owes Tommy Dixon (Peter Serafinowicz), an evil Scouser £8m supposedly. There are some mentions about Sticky Pete (Joshua McGuire) and what he does in terms of making money. Just then Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) walks in on Eddie whilst grappling with what seems to be an insurmountable problem

One of home truths being her dad Bobby Glass is currently in jail because he had been growing cannabis on manor grounds paying an annual rent of five million pounds (£5m) directly to Eddies father.

Throughout eight episodes Eddie tries different deals and counter-deals while meeting a colourful array of characters. All Ritchie signatures are there – from violent imagery occurring unexpectedly along with merry pop songs to extremely bizarre characters, typically English sarcasm, boxing as well as yellow hand-written subtitles to bring the audience up-to-speed.

However good these traits are, The Gentlemen is just a boring show to watch for eight episodes. All the sharp cutting and posh sounding language can’t hide the big plot holes. For example, how can Jimmy (Michael Vu), the main weed grower for such a well-run drug empire go alone with a van full of stuff that have to be dropped? It looks cool so far — all people look like gangsters who dress very nicely and speak properly, but there is something wrong in their relations.

There are no inner lives of different characters in The Gentlemen; they are only coated with beautiful surfaces. Lady Sabrina (Joely Richardson) Eddie’s mother seems hazy at first yet she knows what her husband has done and fears it will bring evil into their home. He also looks after Luna, the family Labrador when his Grace leaves him her as well as having saved other animals including a hedgehog.”

The aristos, from Bassington (Freddie Fox), an actor with a disturbing skeleton in the cupboard to Princess Rosanne (Gaia Weiss), eleventh in line to the Belgian throne swan about. There are also stock characters on the other side like Glass Sr., who has a high-priced chef behind bars; American billionaire Stanley Johnston (Giancarlo Esposito) — with a ‘T’; Florian de Groot, a double crossing distributor (Kristofer Hivju); The head of the traveller family JP (Laurence O’Fuarain) uses statues of Mother Mary for what he thinks is unholy purposes; Gospel Dixon (Pearce Quigley), who thumps his Bible; Tony Blair “Toni” Blair (Cameron Cook), the Albanian former British Prime Minister and lover of supercars; and Mercy (Martha Millan) doing cars and cocaine in Colombia.

The Siblings are central to The Gentlemen. No matter how irritating Freddie can be, Eddie or Edwina that some people like to call him takes care of him. Charly (Jasmine Blackborow) who, according to her father’s will, is studying at university away from home has always been close to her brothers, Eddie and Freddie. Susie looks after Jack her brother as well as being his carer since they lost their mum when she was ten.

All these colourful characters however well dressed or however much they get caught up in increasingly frantic situations do not make for an engaging show.

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