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Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has Baahubali hangover. Like the franchise directed by SS Rajamouli, it is also based in a fake country that revolves around family conflicts. Two friends who are closer than brothers form the foundation of the narrative. And this may result in conflict in future sequels. But as opposed to the Baahubali films that were brightly lit with picture perfect cinematography, Salaar has been painted in grim hues. The frames created by Bhuvan Gowda’s camerawork and lighting are envelop by shades of black and brown. Which have lent a gloomy visage to these proceedings. He production design and costume department too have followed suit, deciding to go with muddy.

The film tells its story through flashbacks narrated to Aadhya (Shruti Haasan). Some dangerous guys have fallen out with her father. Having lived in the US all along. Aadhya comes home to immerse her mother’s ashes only for her life suddenly being target by an assassin’s bullet. The man who rescues her takes her away and leads her to Amma (Easwari Rao). A woman running a school at Tinsukia -a remote mining town of Assam-. For several years now, Amma and Deva (Prabhas) aka Cutout by kids on his street has always been on the run from one place to another.

Deva had a violent past that Amma would not tolerate him repeating his present however she withdraws it when Aadhya is kidnap. Through Aadhya’s inquiry into Deva’s life, it is reveal through his buddies’ accounts that he hails from Khansar. Which is known as the most feared place on earth’s surface today as it harbors smugglers among other criminal elements. Ruled for centuries by three tribal heads collectively referred to as headmen. Meanwhile, Raja Mannar (Jagapathi Babu), the present ruler, wants his son Vardha (Prithviraj Sukumaran), to succeed him. But when he is away the rest of the factions turn on each other until his daughter declares a ceasefire. It is ironic that during this ceasefire period. Hundreds had lost their lives and thus we are not certain about how many more will die when it gets lift in the sequel.

Women in the movie play secondary roles. While Shruti Haasan acts as a damsel in distress, Easwari Rao plays mother to an abused child and Sriya Reddy who later on develops into a firebrand daughter takes one step back when her father comes back from jail. One long part of the film shows Prabhas rescuing girls from routine rape. After giving chase to serial rapist and gangsters like he’s a cop terminator.

The film’s weight is carry by the two main actors. The acting of these two characters is based on that of Karna and Duryodhan who are depict as ruthless fighters themselves. In one part, they go together in a stylized scene where they encounter hordes of drug-crazed zombies which is hands down the best sequence in the movie. With them talking about techniques and making fun of each other’s kill ratio while actually killing. They both have an extra touchy character but when Prabhas’ gets around children he opens up. In particular Prabhas has been cast as a super soldier.

He is more speedy and powerful than anyone else, a lone ranger. This person has never been fitter it seems and he takes to the physicality of the role like a duck to water. Both have got impressive screen presence; before our very own eyes their bromance blossoms in some scenes together. Their joint scenes give life to this film also… Judging from the above story line, probably part two will feature them fighting each other or something close to it maybe? So we should expect another round of stylized madness for certain.

This film was made strictly for hardcore action enthusiasts. If you crave massive slow-motion action extravaganza with blood splattered all over almost every screen shot then this movie is for you.”

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