Rating: 4.2 Out of 10
Release Date: December 20, 2020
Director: Dave Mack III
Writer: Dave Mack III
Cast: Alexis Michelle Cato, Lucas Jackson, Kevin Peake, Vernon Wells, Faye Viviana
Genres: Crime/Drama/Thriller

oveRVIEW – Bird

Bird : Tippi Hedren meets Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) at a bird shop and the two exchange playful banter before Hedren purchases two love birds and drives back home to Bodega Bay.

Clint Eastwood’s film is an emotional ode to jazz great Charlie Parker. Forest Whitaker portrays Bird as a complex individual who struggles with drug abuse.

The Story

If you love jazz, this film by Clint Eastwood — himself an enthusiastic lover of music — will certainly enlighten. Telling the tale of Charlie Parker (Diane Venora), an iconic bop saxophonist known for his groundbreaking bop recordings during his short life; its narrative moves backward and forward through time as it chronicles their troubled relationship and brilliant music creation by Parker throughout his short existence.

Forest Whitaker gives an outstanding performance as Parker. He expertly captures both his personality and musical talent as well as his struggles with substance abuse. Saoirse Ronan stands out in her role as Lady Bird – she perfectly conveys teen emotions such as rebellion and love within her performance. The supporting cast also shines; Saoirse Ronan shines brightest as Lady Bird Parker’s daughter.

Not only are the acting and direction outstanding, but so is its powerful lack of dialogue – which allows viewers to connect with the characters through their actions rather than words alone – similar to Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho.

Although this film does have its flaws, it remains an outstanding cinematic experience worth viewing. The performances were outstanding and directed by Clint Eastwood who is an exceptional director. Additionally, this movie boasts an unforgettable soundtrack.

Though the story is engaging, it does not fully explore why the birds behave this way. Unfortunately, this criticism applies to many movies as the cause often remains mysterious; nonetheless, any partial explanation should only be seen as minor inconvenience.

Hitchcock perfected psychological horror with Psycho, his 1960 classic. Now comes this film which marries both with mother nature’s unfathomable terror; creating an unforgettable cinematic classic for years to come.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds stands as an outstanding testament to his ingenuity and skill when creating films, featuring a multilayered structure allowing audiences to experience horror from both perspectives. Slow motion combined with an unsettling score create an unnerving atmosphere and help give this masterpiece its unnerve factor – its message being that people can do horrible things when feeling helpless or desperate.
The Performances

Saoirse Ronan shines as the unforgettable Lady Bird in this film, convincing us she is real with every line and expression she uses as she plays out a dynamic performance as the high school senior vying to go to New York to pursue her love of theatre. Although her relationship with Laurie Metcalfe’s Laurie plays tightrope Walker is occasionally tenuous and fraught, you still sense their affectionate bond.

Lucas Hedges excels as the boy who captures Lady Bird’s attention and ultimately her affection, portraying both a confident individual and one who may or may not know exactly what direction their life should take. Timothee Chalamet shines as the jazz club owner who gives Lady Bird her big break as an artist.

The film also does an admirable job of portraying how Lady Bird’s choices affect those closest to her, such as her mother and sister who support her and are eager for her success; her father on the other hand is more wary about his daughter’s aspirations and seems resentful of their need for recognition.

Bird is an engaging tale about an immensely gifted young woman and a celebration of familial bonds – it should be watched by all!

Clint Eastwood’s 1988 drama is an exquisite tribute to legendary jazz composer Charlie Parker and his struggle with drug addiction. The movie moves back and forth through time, showing his various struggles throughout his short career. Forest Whitaker plays him brilliantly; possessing all of the nuances associated with being an iconic musical figure. Diane Venora makes a strong showing as Chan Parker, his common-law wife who attempts to keep him from drinking too much or taking drugs.

The Soundtrack

It may have opened with a lively tune, and at first, it appeared as though its soundtrack would follow suit; but, instead, the score took second place to performances and images as it became a vehicle to tell Lady Bird’s tale – gradually unveiling more about her world over time.

Greta Gerwig manages to capture the essence of teenage life perfectly in Lady Bird. Jon Brion’s soundtrack complements this effort perfectly, offering both lighthearted and poignant songs that help us understand her complex character better.

Brion used actual Parker recordings in his film and their use created an uncanny authenticity rarely found today in film scores. Isolating these tracks, scrubbing them and then combining them with contemporary sidemen was done seamlessly, yet Parker’s distinctive sound remains identifiable throughout.

Parker was one of the great pioneers of jazz, creating bebop that bridged between swing era and modern jazz that would eventually come to dominate popular culture. But he was also something of a lonely hero, playing music as a means to maintain life despite depression and despair in his daily existence.

Forest Whitaker plays Bird with tremendous delicacy and grace, depicting him as an embattled aristocrat. His scenes with Diane Venora’s sharp-witted Princess of Rose Garden feel like dances on slippery ice.

Something special exists between these two actors; their interactions convey a powerful mixture of vulnerability, innocence and defiance that draws you in like duets of grace.

The Final Words

Charles “Bird” Parker was one of jazz’s greatest progenitors, known for his innovative improvisations and joyful discoveries on his saxophone that left an inimitable sound signature to himself and those around him. While revered as one of its godfathers of bebop music, Parker also struggled with drug dependency that left his life unsettled at times despite success; Forest Whitaker portrays Bird as an artist of great warmth and compassion who understood his addiction without resorting to self-pity or self-pity or defeat.

Clint Eastwood directs this film as a moving tribute to an unfulfilled genius who never quite fulfilled his incredible abilities. Parker’s life unfolds into an intricate series of ups and downs; as his music speaks with its soulful beauty that matches up perfectly with its impactful performances.

Eastwood takes great care to not commercialize or rotely present this biopic of Bebop musician Lionel Hampton; instead it provides dark yet moody scenes punctuated with hot bursts of bebop that will delight anyone interested in jazz’s subtleties.

Whitaker’s performance stands out as the highlight of this movie, and will undoubtedly earn him some awards come awards season. His ability to convey all the tensions, rages, and quiet moments of an addicted individual was nothing short of astounding – truly career-defining work which won’t go unnoticed come awards season.

Apple TV+’s 2021 lineup continues its impressive success with Black Bird, an engaging true crime mini-series written by Dennis Lehane (“Mystic River,” “Shutter Island”) that will keep viewers gripped for six hours of non-stop tension as it chronicles an infamous serial killer’s story. Black Bird should not be missed in today’s age of national interest in true crime; it is both well written and compelling to experience first-hand!

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