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Ambition boasts an excellent cast and an intriguing premise, but ultimately falls victim to its own ambition by way of unexpected plot twists that undermine much of the momentum it builds up.

Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen stars as a Master who instructs an apprentice on building planets. This action-packed thriller offers plenty of thrills!
The Story

At its best, movies remind us of the power of perseverance and human spirit to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Such was certainly true of this documentary about four Zimbabwean immigrants who persevered against starvation. And oppression to become South Africa’s inaugural Wine Tasting Team to compete at the World Blind Wine Tasting Championships despite hardship. Their tale is both inspiring and heartbreaking – reminding us to follow our dreams no matter the cost.

But Ambition Movie Review also exposes the limitations of well-told stories as well as the dangers associated with overreaching with too many genres, subplots, and twists in an attempt to wow its audiences. A few missed opportunities and an unsatisfying ending offset any positive feelings created by its promising opening act.

Jude, an intensely driven musician preparing to compete in her most arduous competition yet. Begins to suspect a connection when her competition starts to die in mysterious and seemingly random ways. Director Robert Shaye (Nightmare on Elm Street and Lord of the Rings) attempts to deliver on this promise. But ultimately falls short in this psychological thriller with its gripping conclusion.

While this film does feature some intriguing twists, it quickly degenerates into an array of cheap thrills. And twists that don’t feel earned and uninteresting. Although featuring talented actors such as Vince Vaughn and Olivia Wilde. Its credibility issues ultimately bring it down despite some impressive moments when Dave takes photos through Jude’s window. Unfortunately however, other parts of the movie take place within an artificial reality environment which undermines this reality moment.

Although there are some minor discrepancies, the transfer to Blu-ray is generally very good. And captures the movie’s cinematic look and feel well. Some darker scenes exhibit some slight artifacting but overall clarity remains good. Shout Factory released this movie with a relatively low-profile BD-50 and does not provide additional features.
The Cast

Love and power collide in this series that follows two intense rivalries, Stephanie Carlisle (Robin Givens) and Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins), former best friends from Spelman College. Additionally, Rondell Lancaster (Brely Evans) opposes Titus Lancaster (Kendrick Cross). These characters along with city hall intern Katie Gregerstitch (Jessica Simpson), her fiance Billy (Luke Wilson). And his alcoholic father Clancy Brown play mind games with each other that eventually lead to murderous acts and mayhem.

Ambition suffers from one major flaw despite its fast-paced action and comedic script – it lacks credibility. The script can be too convolute at times and some scenes may even seem silly. Its cast does an admirable job nonetheless, with limited material at their disposal.

Imogen Poots could become Madonna’s next great actress! This British actress excels at portraying strong-willed women facing seemingly insurmountable odds – from zombie hordes in 28 Weeks Later to murderous Neo-Nazi skinheads in Green Room. Additionally, Imogen Poots excels at taking on dramatic roles. Thus making her an excellent fit to portray Madonna at her peak of musical career in this movie.

Jade Halley Bartlett directs this speculative thriller which explores the rise of an all-powerful artificial intelligence that may threaten humanity as we know it. However, Jude is determine to protect her humanity no matter the cost – even if that means risking her own life. Jude resides in a run down apartment with two roommates Sarah (Sonoya Mizuno – an attractive sculptor with sexual fantasies). And Veronica (Kyanna Simone Simpson), an introverted quiet girl planning on becoming an architect; as well as Dave (Giles Matthey), an odd but likeable music enthusiast with whom she interacts regularly.

Lou Diamond Phillips stars as Mitchell Osgood, an aspiring writer who makes ends meet by running a secondhand bookstore. His determination to write an unauthorized biography of mass murderer Charles Manson leads him down a dangerous path. Extreme caution should be exercise as this movie contains profanities and nudity.
The Plot

Young singer and aspiring artist Annie finds herself trapped in an excruciating nightmare she can’t escape from in this psychological thriller about ambition and human behavior. Its themes of good vs evil make this film essential viewing for fans of psychological thrillers.

Competition among professional athletes is intense. Those unwilling to fight hard for their dreams often fade into the background; those willing to put in hard work for it often find success. “Blind Ambition” tells the tale of two intense rivalries in Atlanta – a city which has emerged as one of America’s hottest hubs for business and sports. One pitting Stephanie Carlisle against Amara Hughes both personally and professionally while another involves an influential drug cartel leader.

Start strong: the movie starts out strong with an excellent script and strong performances by its young cast. However, after its initial “twist,” things quickly derail as plot becomes increasingly absurd and unrealistic – much like opening a puzzle box in which some indication of order exists but solving the puzzle requires using its internal logic; when finish however, you’re left with something less-than-ideal to digest!

Although flawed, this movie is worth seeing for its acting and cinematography alone. Director Jeremy Shaye is known for producing quality work; cast members offer strong performances while screenplay is smart and thought provoking. Unfortunately however, its predictability puts viewers off.

The film follows a high school teacher as she falls for one of her students, an outstanding basketball player. Their romance begins slowly but quickly becomes intense when competing at a national tournament becomes an unpredictable game of cat-and-mouse involving deadly violence and deadly betrayals. Making this film must-watch viewing for fans of thrillers and romantic dramas alike.
The End

Robert Shaye (A Nightmare on Elm Street and Lord of the Rings) makes his directorial debut with Ambition. An engaging thriller with an intriguing premise and promising cast of unknown actors. Unfortunately, however, this movie fails to deliver on its promise due to an array of unearned plot twists that derail any positive energy generated in its initial act.

This movie is inspired by a true tale about four Zimbabwean sommeliers who triumph as wine tasting professionals after fleeing starvation and oppression at home. Though less captivating than SOMM series, it still delivers an inspiring tale of determination and perseverance.

Though the cast is strong, the script quickly disintegrates in the second act as Jude becomes increasingly convinced she’s being target by someone. Little clarity or explanation exists as to how all of its pieces fit together. And even at its conclusion there was nothing thrilling or unexpected to offer any real excitement or shock value.

Ambition is a subpar direct-to-video movie best left on the shelf. Although its Blu-ray looks decent for a low-budget release with its 1080P transfer offering middling detail. And some inconsistent shadow delineation, Shout Factory only released this 87-minute main feature without extra features or bonus material. Nonetheless, Ambition remains an enjoyable purchase for fans of low-budget thrillers and dramas. Unfortunately its slow pace and lack of tension compromise this potential buy.

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