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You are unlikely to see any film odder than Sasquatch Sunset. It’s an absurd humor movie that explores Bigfoot lore with some heartwarming character dynamics and through a sharp commentary on the destruction of the natural environment by humanity. There is no dialogue or three-act structure. The cast grunts and howls, communicating almost like animals as they frequently engage in messy sexual activities. Yes, you read that correctly. Not everyone will like it may be an understatement but anyone who goes into it with an open mind can enjoy its simple truthfulness.

Sasquatch Sunset happens within a luxuriant mountain range over the period of one year. Four characters with completely distinct personalities are brought to our attention. Alpha male (Nathan Zellner) is unabashedly forward going. She has a teenage son (Christophe Zajac-Denek) who probably came from the alpha. A trouble maker with what seems like lots of imagination, apparently he gets into problems so frequently than most children do at his age . In addition, there is Jesse Eisenberg; a submissive male who might be related to others or maybe just another inhabitant of their small community as well as look essentially hominid with all bits hanging out.

The story starts in spring and takes on sasquatches’ daily life from almost documentary viewpoint; roaming forests looking for necessities for living making sure that they get food enough to sustain them through. Mushrooms, berries and leaves are regular staples while meat is also represented in their diet. Like wild apes, these creatures groom each other meticulously for parasites crushing ticks under teeth when found as treats during grooming sessions. They gather sticks and big leaves to make shelters where everyone stays together while sleeping during night time creating more advanced tools than modern primates.

The laughter objects start up right away with an unspecifiable sasquatch sex scene at once following this statement made in the documentary voice-over. It’s not National Geographic or the Discovery Channel, and it is also the first suggestion where Zellner brothers’ taste for the graphic comes into play. But don’t worry, folks; this isn’t sasquatch porn. The Zellners aren’t trying to weirdly turn us on. Physical pleasure varies across natural animal species. This alpha ain’t doing anything abnormal for a primate with rampant horniness like that of him. As well as having intermittent desires for sex, females are capable of getting into heat . She may be “on,” but she doesn’t seem to have her partner’s libido in mind most days . Mating, among other stuffs is shown by being placed within its scatological context .

The Zellners’ perspective is an opportunistic one as they take a slice of life from their point of view. These creatures are always moving around because they’re eating constantly. Also apparent in their actions is an ongoing search for others like them, as if they have a feeling that there could be no other members of their species alive anymore . This picture has environmental and conservationist motifs at its how were their group formed? They had been part of a larger society that was systematically wiped out? These questions get answered through various threats being introduced to the park’s characters . And the climax is quite surprising even though something happens which can be really sad sometimes too..

Sasquatch Sunset is one of those films that have a strong emotional core. The woman’s exasperation and tiredness is not lost on you. She has the largest burden, which comes with being the focal point. This is an explicit recognition of women who carry the weights of a successful progress at large. Without her, the teenager would be doomed. Albeit nothing extraordinary, it is difficult to find words for scenes in which she keeps breastfeeding him when there’s no food left for the two of them only. Primates first attend to their offspring before anything else such as your mother.

The Zellners do a wonderful job framing her instincts. Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough are completely unrecognizable in detailed and extremely realistic prosthetic suits as actors or actresses in this movie. The cast moves their bodies around, speak with certain tones and make facial expressions where big chunks of information can be found hidden beneath these physical language signs that give you easy access into what is going on inside someone’s head and heart.In fact, you know what they mean without anybody having to spell it out for you.The magnitude of difficulty involved herein cannot be exaggerated.A mime wearing hot-as-hell I hairy suit doing multiple film takes in the woods to express a confused storyline.That’s tough.Sasquatch Sunset would have been foolish if you didn’t believe in the actors.What they do on screen is amazing.

Sasquatch Sunset has beautiful photography that makes one with nature while watching it.The Zellners illustrate many things both great and small (Kid-Thing, Kumiko, Treasure Hunter).Just reading about mists rolling across glistening green fields; butterflies blowing along fresh winds takes breath away.The beauty here lies within how well all these parts harmonize together.Therefore we must accept that human interference will always defile heaven thanks to its artificial pollutants plus never-ending greediness.Taken together this implies scarcity because natural resources end.What is gone cannot be regained.

The Zellners have so much fun, but maybe a little self-control would have been better for the general public. I noticed several people in my section who seemed confused about what was happening. By the time it had been five minutes in, one lady particularly looked like she wished that she could leave. What’s throwing off Sasquatch Sunset is how much shagging of sasquatch there can be, how much peeing and pooping, before you forget what made the movie good.

Sasquatch Sunset was produced by Square Peg, ZBI and The Space Program. This film will open on 12th April with select screenings at theaters across America on 19th by Bleecker Street. Watch this trailer here!

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