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Story: In the fight between humanity and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a former US spy is compelled to make the most important decision of his life. He has been given the mission of hunting down Nirmata, an enigmatic creator of advanced AI also known as The Creator, which however becomes complicated when he meets a little girl with exceptional powers.

Review: We live in an age that is dominated by AI. These machines are designed to help us but at the same time they pose as potential threats which can take not only our jobs away from us but also our very lives. The movie ‘The Creator’ is both timely and thought-provoking as it talks about a war between humans and AIs robots. The film begins with videos about how AI and robotic have entered into every aspect of our lives through various interventions in news headlines. As a result of an AI bomb destroying Los Angeles, the US government shut down all their AI programs. However, there seems to be another threat from New Asia where robots mix with human society perfectly well. For this reason, the US government produces a gigantic military spaceship called ‘Nomad’ which possesses unmatched power for destruction.

Director Gareth Edwards together with his co-writer Chris Weitz completely take us into this alternate universe that looks so real it could hurt you if you touch something off screen! Everything about their imaginative tale makes for an awe-inspiring visual spectacle that enhances watching it on screen tenfold. At some moments, this film slows down and its own sci-fi narrative’s intricacy turns “The Creator” into something unwieldy sometimes…The extreme ideas portrayed in the movie are unrealistic but not completely impossible. However, in ‘The Creator,’ Nirmata remains mysterious throughout.

The bond created between Joshua (John David Washington) who is a former US soldier and Alphie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles) who is young Al robot creates heartwarming moments that touch one’s soul. Young Voyles is simply amazing in her character of a person who is deep but still vulnerable. The young kid’s role carries with it a sense of innocence and cuteness that are essential for the plot yet does not undermine its incomprehensible strength. Colonel Howell (Allison Janney) from the US army is portrayed more like a clichéd highly motivated as well as cunning soldier.

“The Creator” excels at making this very point about the power and significance of AI right up to the very end. Cinematographers Greig Fraser and Oren Soffer bring James Clyne’s grand production design to life on screen. Even when the writing falters, the film remains visually stunning throughout. Hans Zimmer’s score blends in seamlessly with everything else, giving life to humans and their fictional world of AI together.

‘The Creator’ puts forward our deepest fears involving AI; it does so in such an extravagant way that we might be able to think critically about them but ignore them completely only at our own peril.

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