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THE Overview

Yodha is a fast-paced thriller that takes place during an airplane hijacking, and promises adrenaline-pumping scenes on the plane. It compares with other classic action films such as Passenger 57 and Olympus Has Fallen, aiming to offer pulse-pounding experience.

Soldier from Special Yodha Task Force Arun Katyal (Sidharth Malhotra) faces suspension after failed mission. The mystery gets deeper after he is all of sudden found in a hijacked flight. Is he a traitor or a patriot? This puzzle thickens the suspense of the story. It has been directed by debutants Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, who have definitely gone for the jugular in terms of action but seem to be struggling somewhat in their writing part. Sidharth Malhotra’s back in Shershaah (2021), donning an army uniform once again that fits him like a glove. While he carries the uniform with aplomb.

It film does not match Vikram Batra biopic which lacked emotional depth among others even when he was brilliant in them as well; however, his presence lends some credibility to this narrative. To honorably serve his nation Sidharth becomes more of a super soldier without any fear of losing his life. His entry scene before interval fight and climax are all over-dramatic sequences which scream out loud that he is indeed every inch an action hero.

The real standout moments in Yodha come from its flying set pieces involving fights within the aircraft cabin itself. These parts are very visually appealing containing great coordinated stunts that will keep audience at edge of their seats throughout these scenes. However, amidst the excitement, the screenplay falters, often feeling incoherent and juvenile in its execution.

In her role as wife and negotiator held hostage Raashii Khanna brings depth to her character against all odds Her performance adds authenticity to film’s concept. Disha Patani is surprisingly good in action, providing some outstanding moments in a saree too. But that would be like sidharth malhotra all the way in yodha. He has the body to look like a commando and does his best to bring out patriotism through his portrayal. Nevertheless, he shares a good chemistry with Raashii though their love story seems hurried.

One notable thing about Yodha is its non-jingoistic approach. The film demonstrates India versus Pakistan leaders and security forces fighting together as one against an impossible situation, promoting cooperation as opposed to conflict. Patriotism is evident but it is presented in a balanced manner without unnecessary chest thumping.

See the movie for its slick fight scenes. However, Sidharth Malhotra’s money shot involves fighting bad guys while the plane has turned topsy-turvy midair causing chaos everywhere round. For action lovers, Yodha offers enough thrills. With its combination of edgy action, dramatic tension and fine performances it makes for decent masala entertainment, albeit not without some problems here and there along the way.

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