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The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar
The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar
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Wes Anderson makes his second adaptation of Roald Dahl’s work with “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” following Fantastic Mr. Fox, well-loved stop motion film. Generally, it remains an incredibly sweet and heartwarming film at its core; the updated narrative also enables the original story to remain fresh. The narration gives us a sense that we are watching a play live on stage. This short comedy is visually appealing as typically expected in Wes Anderson films. With his trademark visual style, wit and charm, it’s easy to watch even though it only lasts 41 minutes.

It is derived from a Roald Dahl story, and the plot’s central character is a rich man. Who does everything possible to become a cheat in the gambling industry after reading about an Indian who can see without eyes.

Roald Dahl (Ralph Fiennes) prepares himself for writing and shares with us some of his eccentricities as a narrator at the beginning of the story. Soon after this, we meet Henry Sugar (Benedict Cumberbatch), a very wealthy man from London within which he lives. One day during his stay at Sir Williams’ countryside mansion, he discovers a thin small blue book while inside their library. It narrates Imdad Khan’s tale (Ben Kingsley), an Indian man who could see even when using no eyes at all. Then follows Imdad Khan’s life according to Dr ZZ Chatterjee (Dev Patel) and how he developed such abilities in order to see differently from others. Fascinated by Imdad’s talents however, Henry Sugar becomes determined enough to master these skills through training. Thereby imagining how they would help him amass wealth in London casinos. But soon realizes that money itself is worthless leading him into another path.

It is a short film where all characters speak directly into camera playing both narrators and themselves as characters as well. In addition, Anderson goes a step further to make sure that none of the characters speaks language which is not from Dahl’s writing. In conclusion, this movie is a wonderful surprise because it has more than what meets the eye and it does so with an unusual twist in the story telling. By having his characters narrate their own stories and sticking to Dahl’s words, Anderson gives this film a splendid authenticity. It offers something fresh and enticing in terms of cinema.

One of those films where almost every character is great onscreen, this movie stands out. Benedict Cumberbatch gives an exceptional performance as a rich man who gets bored easily and wants to have fun in The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. His take on the role might remind audiences of his prior portrayal in Patrick Melrose. Playing Dr. ZZ Chatterjee, Dev Patel, the civil hospital doctor from Calcutta does an amazing job which just adds another feather to his cap. Ralph Fiennes plays Roald Dahl, starting the film comfortably sitting at his desk about to bring the lives of Henry sugar and Imdad Khan onto paper. One cannot think of any other actor playing this part though.

However, Ben Kingsley truly owns this short film as Imdad Khan who can see without eyesight. Although all actors share equal screen time together with him. It further proves why he is so highly regarded as a gifted actor who continues to hold on viewers.

‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ is innocent fun that most people would find hard to resist its allure as such. This movie confirms what has been clear for some time: It’s only Wes Anderson among today’s crop of directors who can really put life into pictures and tell stories through them properly. How he manages to infuse each frame with his unique style. And creativity makes him a true cinematic storyteller compared to others’. ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ is a beautiful testament to his directorial ability that one will enjoy watching over again.

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