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Elf Me is a fun film for Christmas about a young boy called Elia who befriends Trip, one of Santa Clause’s elves from the North Pole. Elia is frequently bullied because of his small height and he also keeps dyslexia hidden so as to avoid more bullying. He lives with his mother who runs a traditional toy store. The classical toys business does not perform well due to competition from mass-market products. Elia eagerly waits for his father as his mother tells him that his dad will be home for Christmas.

Trip is one of the crafter elf working for Santa Clause. He enjoys making toys but most of them causes messes and troubles instead of funs. After experiencing yet another humiliation prior to Christmas, Trip tries to post one of his rejections as gift but gets to be the gift himself somehow. He ends up at Elia’s house and over several days, they become friends, Trip helps him fight against the bullies and also help in bringing back her mother toy store.

Does Ciocca sabotage Ivana’s business?

Just before Christmas Eve, Trip helps Ivana to make personalized or enchanted toys hence contributing to the booming trend in her business. Eventually this demand by Ivana on toys leads to last-minute cancellations by Ciocca on toy orders.

Meanwhile at Elia’s house, Trip gives him binoculars which could allow anyone see their loved ones even when they are far away. With these binoculars Elia enquires about his father.

He is heartbroken when he sees that his parents are separated. His dad has a new girlfriend and mom has kept it secret so as not hurt his feelings. Elia feels pain and anger. He rejects attempts by Trip to calm him down. Trip told me again and left.I sat on bench outside

Right now, Ciocca, nocks out. Trip, and abducts him. Buddy Buddy toys should be magic too otherwise Ciocca will tell Trip the truth about his father. Trip wants to come back to the North Pole before midnight but Ciocca ignores him.

Trip becomes weaker as it approaches midnight.He did manage to make Buddy Buddy toys live but he got weak. It is a rule that Elves cannot live outside of the North Pole. If Trip does not get back home before Christmas, he could die but Ciocca pays no heed.

Do Giada and Elia become friends?

Elia and his friends team up while Trip was at Ciocca’s warehouse. After spending time with Victor and twins, now Giada is no longer hanging out with them. While both have dyslexia – which means they can easily identify themselves -, Elia suffers from it and so does Giada.

At the end of the movie, we can see that Giada and Elia do become friends. She tells him if they ride together on a bicycle. So, Elia, Giada and his buddies cycle around streets.

Does Trip go back to North Pole?

Christmas Eve comes and there is Elia with his friends at Ciocca’s warehouse, who fights back. The Buddy Buddy toys are summoned by him and he orders them to stick to him, making an armor of their own bodies for Ciocca. But Ivana carries the flubber, throwing it at Ciocca. The toys burst as does the flubber turning into a neon green gooey liquid that covers everything and everyone.

Just before midnight Elia emails the return gift letter to Santa Claus in North Pole. Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and few elves take Trip home from the North Pole. Elia’s friends, Elia and Ivana have their jaws dropping when they realize that Santa Claus is real. Elves wipe clean these memories which include among others those of Ciocca so that no one gets wind of this.

Elia sees his father or not?

Elia’s father has been mentioned throughout the film but never made an appearance in it since its start. Ivana only says she is not aware about his whereabouts since he is out on duty but he has assured to meet him on Christmas Day itself so far. Elia loses all hope after confirming that his mom and dad have divorced each other. After Trip leaves, Elia heads for home with other members of the gang where he finds a figure waiting for him: his dad! All Elia wished for was seeing his father even if just once during Christmas.

Elf Me is another movie that makes you feel good about Christmas and highlights its true value system by portraying what it stands for in different scenes along with presenting gifts from Santa Clause in a more likely manner than any other children film I have ever seen; one can watch this movie regardless of age because these days everyone becomes younger while making requests to Santa-Clause!

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