A Psycho’s Path


Rating: 3.5 Out of 10
Release Date: November 15, 2019
Director: Rocky Costanzo
Writer: Rocky Costanzo
Cast: Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Steve De Forest, Noel Gugliemi
Genres: Horror/Thriller

oveRVIEW – A Psycho’s Path

Brownsville is an idyllic California desert town where life goes on without much explanation; yet Captain Peters and his small police force are in pursuit of an unknown psychopath who seems intent on violence and destruction. Captain Peters leads his small police force as they investigate this act of brutality.

A Psycho’s Path is an entertaining direct-to-video thriller with a compelling cast (including several popular vloggers), several cool kills, and plenty of bloodshed. Director Rocky Costanzo successfully creates the sleepy town environment while providing some effective tracking and follow camerawork, and Dylan Martinez provides the snazzy dusty look.

  1. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Quinton Ramone “Rampage” Jackson gives an outstanding performance as an unscrupulous psychopath in this film. A sleepy California desert town known as Brownsville is terrorized by an anonymous killer (portrayed by Jackson), who roams its streets killing at random. Captain Peters and his small police force must track him down before more lives are lost.

Director Rocky Costanzo presents his tale at an even tempo, creating an authentic small town atmosphere and period feel while staging brutal murder scenes with skill. Director Dylan Martinez provides stylish widescreen cinematography.

This film boasts a strong cast and fantastic production values that makes it worth watching. An indie slasher flick that boasts Jackson as well as other cast members exuding charm, this is an outstanding addition to its genre and the DVD includes option English SDH subtitles for additional viewer enjoyment.

  1. Steve De Forest

Brownsville is an idyllic desert town where its residents are being terrorized by an unstoppable killer who kills randomly. Fearful residents turn to sincere police captain Peters (Steve De Forest), in order to track him down and bring him behind bars.

But after being struck with four bullets to his back, the drifter flees, kills again, then finds himself in jail where he quickly dispatches three cynical cops using snake tongued, whip cracking sarcasm. Soon thereafter he transfers to a mental ward where he begins tracking down victims using blood-shedding tattooed on his chest as his trail.

Rocky Costanzo tells this tale competently, while Dylan Martinez gives it an attractive widescreen look. Noel Gugliemi – one of the most beloved supporting faces from Training Day to Bruce Almighty – delivers his signature lines like no one else as Sergeant Torres on Peters’ right hand team.

  1. Noel Gugliemi

Abigail Wilson shines as the lead in this thrilling slasher thriller with plenty of gore and an endearing protagonist, Laurel Rhodes – an avid backcountry trekker who gets caught up in trouble while filming her popular vlog Off Rhodes with Laurel Rhodes on an obscure trail while filming their popular show Off Rhodes with Laurel Rhodes. She’s great fun to watch; going from confident and expressive to scared with ease.

Noel Gugliemi (sometimes known by his initials, Noel G) is an established support actor in Hollywood with appearances in Training Day, Bruce Almighty, The Fast and Furious and Fresh Off the Boat among many others. Furthermore, Noel has used his fame to take on various charitable causes that use awareness-raising efforts and assist those in need.

Though its budget may be small, A Psycho’s Path manages to deliver some thrills despite its budget limitations thanks to director Rocky Costanzo and cinematographer Dylan Martinez’s eye-catching cinematography, as well as its talented cast – featuring John Wells and Sarah French from previous Mahal Empire movies.

  1. Derrick Redford

Derrick Redford is well-known for pranking professional athletes on his show FULL COURT PRANKS and also appearing as Henry Danger’s father in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. More recently, Derrick appeared in Kevin Hart’s comedy special Laugh Out Loud as well as filming season two of American Pickers.

Brownsville is being terrorized by an unknown, psychopath who has managed to escape a mental institution and is on a hunt. Local law enforcement are tracking him down in hopes of stopping any potential future attacks before it strikes again.

Rocky Costanzo tells a straightforward and entertaining thriller at an engaging pace, expertly conjuring up an appealing small town atmosphere (the setting of 1967 adds period flavor) while creating tension and staging brutal murder scenes with great style. His film also offers some tastefully exposed female skin for viewers to gaze upon and Dylan Martinez’s widescreen cinematography provides a dramatic dusty backdrop.

PSYCHO PATH brings new life to the classic “lost in the woods” theme. Backpacking adventurer Laurel Rhodes (Abigail Wilson) is an avid vlogger seeking thrills on her quest for views; her latest excursion takes her down an obscure trail where she finds a decayed cabin covered with mysterious symbols written carefully across its walls.

  1. Rowan Smyth

Rowan Smyth is an American television actor best known for his roles on Antrum, I Believe, Dismissed, 2307: Winter’s Dream and Mayans M.C. In addition to acting, Smyth also performs music and has released numerous songs during his musical career – graduating from University of Southern California with honors in musical performance.

Rowan Smyth gives a stellar performance in this film and makes it worth watching. However, there are several things not so good about it; first is the cast’s use of garish wigs which distract from the overall plot; story is not well paced making for some dull and repetitive moments; music score may also get tiresome at times – so if you are seeking something fresh and new then it would be wise to pass this one by.

  1. Steve Louis Villegas

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson stars in A Psycho’s Path as a murderous psychopath who terrorizes a small town, alongside Noel Gugliemi, Rowan Smyth, Kassim Osgood and Tory Taranova. This movie offers an excellent, fast-moving plot; well written and performed actors; however one aspect that detracted from its serious tone were the ridiculous wigs worn by police officers which distracted from its intended message.

Villegas is an accomplished actor known for his roles on S.W.A.T. and On My Block as well as TikTok series Slipping Into Darkness. Additionally, his Instagram page (iamstevevillegas) chronicling his career and body art has amassed over 90,000.

Rocky Costanzo (Ditch Party, Midnite Cabby) wrote and directed A Psycho’s Path – an indie flick with low budget that flaunts its indie spirit with light scares, unintentional laughs, fun kills and plenty of female skin. Dylan Martinez provided dusty desert-tinted cinematography that kept audiences interested throughout.

  1. Kassim Osgood

Entangled Entertainment, Hourglass Pictures and Stroboscope Studios’ low-budget indie thriller featuring an unconventional MMA fighter as a serial killer that terrorises a small town is distributed on DVD by Mill Creek Entertainment with an eye-catching cover photo featuring Jackson sporting his blank death stare atop a motel roof. As well as providing unintentional laughs, this love letter to classic slashers features plenty of light scares and blood-curdling kills that make this a standout performance from these studios’ efforts.

Rocky Costanzo skillfully relates the familiar tale at an appropriate pace, evoking an intimate small town atmosphere while staging brutal murder scenes with skill and staging them with stunning precision. Furthermore, his cinematographer Dylan Martinez provides his signature dusty style widescreen cinematography that adds another element to this film.

Abigail Wilson (Off Rhodes with Laurel) stands out with her well-crafted performance as an outdoor YouTube vlogger who embarks on daring thrill seeking adventures while documenting them for her popular online vlog. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson also gives an outstanding performance as an unhinged psychopath who escapes psychiatric care intending to kill in this well-rounded yet not particularly thrilling slasher film.

  1. Tory Taranova

Tory Taranova, born under Capricorn zodiac, has quickly made her mark as an American entertainer. She excels as a singer, musician and dancer – even acting in various movies! Born under this sign she possesses incredible potential that could propel her career further than expected.

With such a modest budget, writer/director Rocky Costanzo creates an engaging story. He successfully recreates a sleepy small-town atmosphere (set in 1960 for added period flavor) as he generates plenty of tension and delivers both nasty gore and delicious female skin imagery courtesy of Dylan Martinez’s widescreen cinematography giving the proceedings an appealing dusty glow.

A Psycho’s Path features adequate acting, some indie charm and an impressive kill scene featuring a head in a vice-like death grip – but doesn’t quite capture enough slasher mystique to truly live up to its mystification trait. Still worth checking out for fans of the genre; available for DVD purchase through Mill Creek Entertainment.

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