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Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer
Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer
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The three-part true-crime documentary series, Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer, is now on Netflix. It was produced by Beetz Brothers Film Production and Third Eye Motion Picture Company, directed by Jan Zabeil & Caroline Schaper. The duration of each episode is about 34-37 minutes.

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer explores a number of gruesome murders that rocked the city’s nightclubs in 2012causing widespread panic. After one of his intended victims escaped with their life, however, the long-sought unidentified murderer was eventually traced.

Katrin Faust, Patrol Berg, Lucia Lu, Matthias and Andreas Voges are some of the people featured in this documentary film which also includes Dr Sven Hartwig, Anka Hilgert, Monika Laschke; Miroslaw Wawak , Christian Schulz ,Regina Luck , Doreen Ulrike Pohle; Dr Nahlah Saimeh ,Birgit Silke and others


The film takes up the case of a mysterious death at Grosse Freiheit 114 –a nightclub in Berlin. There are different “dangerous” aspects attached to any partying in Germany’s capital. Experimentation with drugs or engaging into conversation with some stranger who might be psycho is all part of ‘having fun.’ For an unidentified dead body to turn up at a popular gay club’s darkroom struck fear and dread in Berlin. Especially criticising the queer people and the nightlife activities they took part in.

There were no facts pointing to why he died –this fact puzzled investigators most profoundly. Forensic experts could not locate anything that would lead them to suspect such a possibility either. But there was still hope as they traced down Nicky’s stolen phone together with his credit card which indicated an attempt by someone else to purchase train tickets using it. John Doe turned out to be Nicky (32). However, there was no identity of the killer.

That night at the hospital, another man appeared to be heavily intoxicated with liquid ecstasy or GHB. What connected him with the murder was that his card had been used to buy the same train ticket shortly after at the same ticket kiosk. Miroslaw’s statement and how he met a stranger on a train platform and drank alcohol with him became crucial evidence which led to finding out who this anonymous murderer might be. So as to connect the nightclub killing to what happened to Miroslaw, further investigations were done by forensics resulting in discovery of similar levels of GHB drug in Nicky’s system.

As detectives trailed back Miroslaw’s movements from around the rail station along with an alleged murderer, they picked up a shot of a man on CCTV camera. However, due poor resolution it remained hard even after pixelating it for anyone viewing it to make out who this person is. The viewer can only observe his chained dark jacket if nothing else is noticeable about the pixelated image. With no other hint about who he might be, police were forced to release all these details publicly and have some kind of open search like procedure where people are requested to help identify such man in the footage.

The police were looking forward to finding a way to the killer, and didn’t expect it to be a case of serial murder. Soon after that, information started coming in with an elderly woman reporting the death of his grandson Alexander, in his apartment about nine days before Nicky’s. Even so, his cause of death was uncertain apart from the fact that he had high levels of GHB in his blood. Also, like cell phones and credit cards together with backpacks were taken away though this happened at home.

Nearly eleven days into the ongoing nightclub investigations another dead body came up with similar circumstances that eventually led them to the real Killer. Brought in for interrogation on suspicion though based on the last contact made by him, Dirk ended up confessing his deeds adding that he used poisoning method when killing them all. However, what terrified everyone about this man was how he killed his victims without any apparent reason; monstrosity would still be a better word to describe it. The victims who seemed random were drugged with an unknown substance or GHB which would make them unconscious within seconds and die slowly due to dose high poisonings.

As they reveal who the killer is, creators also bring Dirk’s aunt into picture sharing some background facts about him. Despite working as an elementary school teacher in Berlin however, he had undergone training as a nurse practitioner which gave him insights on drugs and their lethal limits. His aunt names Birgit explains that they practically grew up together because they were only 10 years apart and reveals some gory details about her mother’s abuses over them. She tells how after her father died her mother grew overly close to Dirk implying she might have molested him since he was very young.

Dirk was born into a religious family and actively participated in church activities hence it was highly disapproved of when he declared himself gay or lesbian or whatever you want to call it… Birgit remembers her mum calling him disgusting after finding out that he was attracted to men. This might have been one of the reasons for his relocation to Berlin but also marked the beginning of his deadly obsession with anything forbidden. In fact, it is not clear yet if Dirk’s grandmother could be his first victim who died from drug overdose since postmortem confirmed similar doses of drugs in her body. Objectively speaking, being sexually used by his grandma yet disowned/looked down upon due to her sexuality could make someone feel disgusted as well as revengeful.

He may have murdered her out of spite but it was also an adrenaline rush he desired and found in randomly killing people in Crime Scene Berlin. At some point during his speeches, he said “I loved killing people because it was fun” or something like that. Even though he stole their wallets and phones, he had mentioned that they would not be useful to him in any way. This particular reason makes any person extremely dangerous since their brain is trying to get the same satisfaction as the first kill and could go to any extent and kill any number of people, with absolutely no remorse at all.

Notwithstanding that the detectives failed to establish why precisely he chose his victims and what motivated him to kill them, the proof and his confession were adequate for imprisoning him finally but only for life. In one respect, one might feel sorry for him as a result of his exploitative upbringing which could have been possible reasons behind his fatal actions. When looking at it, it’s quite unfortunate how her aunt knew about the abuses but never bothered to help him nor do any inquiries on what made him get twisted in the head like that.

But this does not excuse what he did. None of those people will come back from death; they are just gone forever leaving big emptiness in their loved ones’ hearts. His own testimony suggests that he had some wicked plans against human beings and that he understood well within himself that something was wrong with his mind or behavior. As such, by yielding to these cravings for blood, he became a monster who also died by killing himself unable to get out of this circle of suffering, hurt and desires.

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