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Story: Based on a true story, the Von Erichs were one of the most famous families in North American professional wrestling and yet for them it was a constant stream of bad luck.

Review: The scripted world of pro wrestling is about trials and triumphs, but nothing could have prepared us for the misfortunes that befell the Von Erich family. ‘The Iron Claw’ tells the gripping story of the Von Erichs, whose history in pro-wrestling has been as richly brilliant as it has been tragic. This drama directed by Sean Durkin focuses on this wrestling dynasty unfolding against the vibrant 1980’s Texas backdrop. It is not just an account of how wrestling exploded from a national to global phenomenon with its subsequent changes but also a piercing introspection on dreams, loyalty and what it takes to follow them.

In his career’s breakthrough role, Zac Efron plays Kevin Von Erich more prominently than he ever did before. Efron completely transforms into Kevin with such depth that you might actually believe he is really fighting in there not just against his opponents but under the weight of his family’s tragic past. Simultaneously, Holt McCallany brings to life Fritz who emerges as a father figure with absolutely no mercy toward his own children once they decide to pursue this ambition at all costs. The combined forces of Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson among others provide real-life brotherhood dynamics complete with their highs and lows when competing for their father’s love.

Durkin’s narrative weaves through the glimmering world of wrestling and darkness known as Von Erich curse telling both great stories while remaining very intimate too. In this film, we find pomp juxtaposed against their real lives thus creating an interesting blend of emotion and ambition across different aspects. It offers a delicate balance between public figures and private desire revealing how much heritage can affect someone’s individuality in life. ‘The Iron Claw’ is as much a reflective piece on aspiration and familial ties as it is a tribute to the legendary Von Erich family. With captivating human tales behind its grand stage, it delves into what greatness really means.

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