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Let us talk about kdrama which has recently been taking the Netflix by storm and for a good reason! Business Proposal is that hilarious, light-hearted, predictable rom-com that we all want right now. I watched all 12 episodes in a span of about one week and laughed like a hyena. So let’s do a quick review!

What it’s about :

Business Proposal is a kdrama rom-com based on the webtoon of the same title. It is about Shin Ha-ri who once upon a time had her best friend tell her that she does not like blind dates and would rather have them ruined to the very core, so much so that there will never be another date but she can’t stand up to men especially when they are interested in her and thus asked Ha-ri to take their place on these encounters while posing as them this leading to several funny scenarios involving blind dates.One day, Ha-ri puts on her hairpiece, cosmetics and attire once more for yet another blind date. In an amusing scene, she overreacts to the extent that she knows her partner will never call or text.

Yet problem one: Her date though Kang Tae-moo really feels obliged by his grandfather to go out with any women he could marry and as he lacks time for more blind dates he overlooks Ha-ri’s lunacy then just proposes to her so that he can evade going on any more blind dates.

And problem two: it turns out that Kang Tae-moo is also the CEO of the company Ha-ri works at; hence she must conceal her true identity from him or else risk losing her job.

Why I loved it :

The humor and use of tropes

Business Proposal may appear like such an absurd comedy full of clichés but it really isn’t! It was such an amazing series to watch because it was refreshing and fun – seriously try not laughing through even one episode. The blind date scene from the beginning is just great fun. Ha-ri goes completely nuts trying to make her date not attracted to her anymore – for instance, there is this iconic moment when she refers to her breasts as Rachel and Samantha – and it’s absolutely hilarious. I have to applaud Kim Se-Jeong, who played Ha-ri, because she has such impeccable timing when it comes to comedy and totally throws herself into the role.

I also loved how much this show embraced tropes. For example, it had fake dating, secret identity, rich guy/poor girl, accidental kissing, amusement park date, cinderella trope,ev il relatives found family wrist grabs elevator meetings chase scenes,… And so on.

It should be ridiculous but it’s not. It’s just a really good show that you can watch and forget about everything else for a while; I had a ton of fun ticking off all the tropes along the way too. Also though guys may think they have figured out what is up with this series by reading the description (I know i did), trust me-you are only going to get through approximately three or four episodes total if that even happens before you realize that.So fast pace was like lightning in this drama -with many plots spread all over first 3-4 episodes”.

The romance

A kdrama rom-com would not be complete without romance and this is exactly what you will find in Business Proposal! In spite of a rather rocky beginning, which was characterized by hilarious events, Ha-ri and Tae-moo eventually begin to develop real feelings for each other. It was really exciting to see them trying to come to terms with the differences that naturally arose between them as they dated at work. Both Ha-ri and Tae-moo are über professional about their work and it adds an amazing twist to their connection. Their dates – the craziness, it’s like straight out of a romantic comedy or something. Also, this was actually so much more steamy than I expected from a kdrama. I had braced myself for some intense stares and hand holding (which we got plenty of, no worries), but then there were also several steamy make-out sessions and the chemistry here was off-the-charts.

The secondary couple

Forget about second lead syndrome; instead we have an awesome secondary couple! Yeong-Seo is one of those blind date setting best friends (she set up dates for her bestfriend Ha Ri). She met someone she thought she fell in love with at first sight in a convenient store just after the show opened but never saw him again. She moves out when she can no longer stand her father’s insistence that she go on blind dates every once in awhile only for it to transpire that he lives next door to her new apartment complex!! However, he is also Tae-moo’s secretary as well as his best friend! As I am writing this down, I know many people might think it seems too cliché and predictable but somehow it works beautifully and I became equally engaged with this couple just like the main one.

The friendships

Although the romantic relationships are really entertaining and enjoyable, I must also take a moment to appreciate the friendships! The primary friendship here is between Ha-ri and Yeong-Seo; from the beginning, you could tell that they have an unbreakable bond and would go to great lengths for one another. I mean, Ha-ri goes on all these dates for Yeong-Seo! Their friendship is very strong, despite their differences and the fact that Yeong-Seo is wealthy while Ha-ri comes from a poor family. And then there were all those scenes of him with Ha-Ri’s family.

Then we have Tae-moo and Sung-Hoon’s friendship. It was a bit peculiar at first because Sung-Hoon also happens to be his secretary as well as having been there since forever . However, he is also his best friend and like a brother to him too. There’s definitely more going on in their relationship but it’s still relatively solid as far as they know each other so well and are always ready to support one another. I loved seeing them together and every time both couples were present – found families right there!

The only negative :

Tropes should have ended after the climax

I know, I just said how much I loved the show’s tropes. Nonetheless, their use of tropes is what makes this one of their greatest strengths. On the other hand, they should have subdued the use of the tropes quite a bit at the tail end. In my opinion, the ending was somewhat unsatisfactory because it stayed with such clichés. Some characters acted out of character to slip in more tropes towards the end and that was unnecessary. The show was so great that if they had simply played it close to their chest and stuck to a great ending then it would be among my all-time favorites, but alas; therein lay its weakness for me.


For a few minutes escape into fun light-hearted rom-coms, Business Proposal is definitely your choice. If you love tropes (especially fake dating), and an enjoyable mix between silly derpy scenes and swoony romance – this is definitely something you should try out! It’s on Netflix with only 12 episodes making it perfect for binge-watching!

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