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Netflix’s collection of thrillers has been lent another sensational addition with the release of The Snow Girl on the streaming platform. “The Snow Girl” Spanish mystery series was written by Jesus Mesas and based on a novel by Javier Castillo and can be watched in a single night for all its six episodes. Miren Rojo (Milena Smit) is investigating an interesting case about Amaya Martín, who disappeared under the observation of her father while she was with her mother. The journalist intern Miren tells a story that unfolds as a mix of flashbacks, depicting scenes from her rape and how it affects her every effort to find each new clue in the missing child stories as both cases begin to converge.

The show does a wonderful job of making viewers feel for these individuals, all with their personal conflicts, which makes for an exciting nail-biting finale and leaves room open for suspense in season two if Netflix wants one more adaptation.

A Tense Encounter Between Miren and Iris

Everything happened between the first episode and the fifth episode led to this point. As soon as Miren discovered Iris’ name, they knew it could not be long before she found her. However, this meeting was intensified by finding Miren presented as a suspect across news broadcasts following discovery of David Luque (Tristán Ulloa) ‘s body and James Foster’s. Realizing that she had no other choice left wasn’t going to face Irises after this she believed Amaya would be somehow reached. What followed became one among many scariest moments seen during several minutes involved in such series. In fact, where Iris lived had become part of what made everything more intense because they dwelt somewhere isolated here but had exact way out or entry lane through which only one car could pass without anybody living around them for miles. Well, at least when Iris shot into bank employee warning them about mortgage being overdue before now we saw how dangerous those people could be. This discussion between Miren and Iris exemplifies everything the reader knew about Miren, that she was an astute person in general.

The Snow Girl’s writers have done a great job of keeping the audience clued on every occasion where Miren connected dots to Amaya being held in this house. The VCR player at the center of her notice when she first enters reveals these two tapes that Iris and Santiago sent to her earlier. Furthermore, Iris’s headband is made from the same material used for making other Amaya’s videotapes. Additionally, right there before their eyes Miren saw small bicycle whose color was pink just like those who had been with them.

The authors were kind enough to embed a few clues, while letting the viewer play detective because Miren obviously saw all that but there were two other indications left to infer by the audience. When Iris later told Miren that only she and her dog lived in the house since her husband’s death, it was another sign. Nonetheless, this was an obvious mistake as it did not explain why a young girl had a woman’s bicycle in her yard. The next subtle clue was what sounded like a dog and Amaya coming from upstairs when Miren listened carefully. She quickly claimed that her dog was up there because he goes crazy when people are near. She then volunteered to bring the barking animal down after some time because the sound didn’t stop. Once downstairs, Miren is heartily received by the dog who would later take a relaxing seat in the kitchen. On whether or not this happened to be true for Miren, no hints are given away about it but it would be fair to say she spotted Iris’ lie.

A Wild Ending with All Sorts of Pieces To Be Picked Up

By now, everyone involved knew that they were aware of each other’s activities. This woman knew clearly she has been caught out while Miren too was certain that this is the kidnapper of Amaya. The creative team did an amazing work establishing its characters throughout these six episodes and seeing this ending makes every twist worthwhile at once and for all times. In essence, Iris had to leave everything behind following that interaction and quickly drive off after being tailed by car chase with Miren which lasted not so long.The mother-daughter bond between them becomes unbreakable as iris nosesives into a tree and tumbles down into death on impact.Amaya wears her sit belt tight,the rest of his face puffed up more than anything else before shooting one bullet which scooped back mirens shoulder before wrestling off eventually calming the young lady down. It was a difficult scene to watch because second by second, it became evident that it was taking an ugly turn. Seeing Iris rise and fall, an individual who had once been treated by Amaya’s mother as her patient and told that she was less likely to conceive in future was the other thing viewers saw. Hence, for them to get this final scene of hers right, the writers knew that after all she went through in kidnapping the girl, they would need to give some background on her struggles.

It took a long time before Amaya’s parents could reunite with their child and even then they realized that she would need a lot of time to recover from the isolation she was subjected to for almost a decade. However, the interaction between her and the reunited family is rather heartbreaking since she fails to identify herself as Amaya, although eventually her mother addresses her as Julia causing an almost invisible gap between them. That was when there seemed to be some hope left that this break could be repaired with time. Miren does not feel like a hero after saving the girl despite playing that part. She is still suspected by police of being behind the burning down of something because they knew that Miren had learnt about those two who died from being part of the dark web page where her rape video was released. The camera held by her also reveals two pictures which were found by detectives and made Miren look guilty as charged. To save his girlfriend, Eduardo (José Coronado) disposes off his photo card though it was destroyed later on by him. These interactions with other people in the show are great but what has spanned out between Miren and Eduardo has been such an interesting storyline so far especially in this scene where he reveals how much he is willing to do for her.

What Does ‘Snow Girl’ Mean?

At the end of it all, we see Miren’s life through her job choice appearing settled over a period of 2 years without any proof against her on Snow Girl book cover which she has just published now only revealing anything about its authorship at this point. It essentially chronicles everything that unfolded while trying to find out what happened to Amaya MartÍn T1 E9: When someone refers to T1E9, they’re talking about season one episode nine (I think) . This is what led to finding out what “La chica de las nieves” means in Spanish; Miren said while reading her book that it referred to the white noise at the end of Amaya’s video messages, “On those two tapes that came in intervals, after they got through playing, there would be a screen full of white static and then I would see Amaya every time; with so much snow on her that you could hardly see anything else.” After nine years spent looking for her, she could not let this girl fall into darkness.

This is Not a Limited Series

However, “The Snow Girl” Netflix classified this show as a Limited Series but its conclusion was just that: an ending. Before the camera pans away, she receives an envelope which says “Do you want to play?” However, the contents make it even more sinister when we look at what is inside as it shows a picture of a young woman tied up. Who is she? And how does this relate to Miren? All these elements are still open and suggests that if Netflix wants another bite after season one’s successful run has ended on six episodes.

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