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Honeymoonish is a heart-warming and laughter-inducing tale following a couple on their honeymoon who are beset by misunderstandings and complications. This romantic comedy about the couple reflects that this also applies to current Netflix release, which will bring two stars together to offer us something different.

The plot of Honeymoonish follows a couple on their honeymoon who slowly realize that they may have nothing in common at all. Noor and Hamad become involved in a series of comical misunderstandings that challenge and change their perceptions of each other. What will happen when they find out they are from different worlds?

Netflix has done well with romantic comedies before like The Out-Laws, Love Is In The Air, as well as Irish Wish among others, and Honeymoonish looks set to be no exception while probably making some new turns around the old track.

Nour is an Egyptian actress who is based in Kuwait, starting her career as a broadcaster on the Al-Rai Channel. However, Nour started to lean towards acting and would receive a break when she was cast in the series Female Student Housing. Mahmoud Boushahri has appeared in many TV shows and movies including Wild Ommo which runs from 2022 to 2022 which Minny We Finy did in 2019.

Also debuting are noted fashion blogger (and model) Ascia Al Faraj from Kuwait. Amal, Wael’s adoring wife played by Mahdi Barwiz-this role was portrayed by an online influencer for the first time-who also happens to be Noor’s best friend secretly setting up matches behind closed doors.

Honeymoonish was shot on location in Lebanon making it the first ever Kuwaiti film to do so. Elie El-Semaan is Lebanese director of the movie produced by Eagle Films; thus marking another turning point for its shooting arena.

Elie directed Honeymoonish and Eiad Saleh was its scriptwriter. The director has previously worked on TV series such as Rain Over Beirut which would see him win the Murex D’, the annual Lebanese award for achievements in the arts, for Best Drama Director in 2022.

Elie himself is Lebanese, and this project marks his debut in feature films. In an article with Arab News, the director would talk about the film and say, “I think the film will change the perception of Arabs. Once people watch it, they’ll understand what I mean.”

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